Lisa Bunker and Dawn Huebner

Lisa Bunker (58) shares a conversation with her wife, Dawn Huebner (60), about gender identity, sexuality, and how their partnership came to be.

Protect Trans Youth

I talk with my nine year old son whose photo was used in an anti-trans video put out by The Daily Signal. His thoughts, understanding, and words of advice.

Trans Interview PART TWO

In this interview I learned more about the trans community and how hard it is for them to come out.

Gender and Sexuality with Jace Hasterlo

In this interview, I still with Jace Hasterlo to discuss gender, and the myths that it is, as well as the complexities of sexuality.

Mason Dunn and Grace Sterling Stowell

Mason Dunn (35) interviews his friend and mentor, Grace Sterling Stowell (63), about the way that language helps in developing personal identity and the shifts that language has taken in the last 4 decades in the wider LGBTQ+ movement.

Being Transgender In Today’s Society

My best friend Lyle has been transitioning from female to male over the past 3 months, so i thought I'd ask him a few questions regarding what it's like to be trans in our generation.

Talking Trans

A brief yet riveting interview with a close friend discussing his experience living as a transgender man in Albuquerque, New Mexico!! (Ahem, please excuse the occasional meowing and barking in the background.)

Interview with Aaron Anthonies

Aaron's perspective on transgenderism and the progression of our society.

Issues Facing the Transgender Community in the U.S.

This interview was conducted with Larry Parra (22) and Caitlyn Tapia-Bindrum (22) to raise awareness on the issues and experiences faced by the transgender community in the U.S. We also go on to discuss the ways in which we can...

Two Generations of Trans Students Meeting

Z. Gutierrez (He/Him/His), a junior at Westridge school, interviews his alumnus, Elliott Snow (They/Them/Their), to discuss their transition journey, experience at Westridge, and life as a trans adult.

Interview PART ONE

Throughout this interview we go over everday trans struggles and the goods and bads of it.

Transgender Questions with Hada Matias

My name is Maiya Martinez and I go to Mckinney High School. I interviewed my transgender aunt about her struggles with society for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. My aunt is a role model to a lot of people out there...

Karen Holmes

Transgender advocate Karen Holmes talks about growing up and her advocacy for transgender young women.

Minority Identities in LGBTQ+ pt.2

Second part continuing the discussion of the experience of not being a mainstream identity in the LGBTQ+ community.

ENG 213 – P3 Video Essay

This is my P3 Video Essay submission, covering the group Non-Binary Gender Pride on Facebook.com

Casper Cendre, Nicky Snyder, and Doug Snyder

Casper Cendre (29) speaks to his parents, Nicky Snyder (62) and Doug Snyder (59), about spirituality, having dual citizenship, and finally, Casper’s parents' feelings about his transition.

Teenage Stress

A conversation about school stress and gender identity