The Great Thanksgiving Interview of 2021

My grandfather, Michael Byrnes, and I, had a lovely talk about life and travel.

Asking GJ About Her Travels

My grandmother is a baby boomer and has been many different places, so I asked her questions about her travels.

I-80 Highway Transportation

a brief podcast on why the highway from Cheyenne to Evanston Wyoming should implement a travel train from each point.

Kelly & Jesse's Interview- Traveling India and Life Through Covid

Kelly asks Jesse about his pilgrimage to India he took after college, and how it has impacted his life. Jesse then talks to Kelly about her life through Covid and how it brought her family closer together.

Dads life journey

I talked to my dad about his childhood in New Jersey, traveling, and him being a parent.

Hollobaugh Thanksgiving Listen

Maggie Hollobaugh interviews her mother (Joyce Hollobaugh) about what her life has been like up until 2019. Joyce remembers her certain aspects of her childhood like what she did for fun and where she went to school and what it...

Evie Scott and her father Sam Scott discuss his childhood

In this interview, conducted in January 2022 in Burlingame, California, Evangeline Scott (14) interviews her father, Samuel Scott (51), about his childhood and values. Samuel shares his experience growing up in a small Massachusetts town. He also shares about his...

She Travels the World!

Born in the Bahamas SharonHIggs revisits fond memories of her childhood and shares her world travels to exotic places. When she was young her family; parents, twin sister and brother, moved to the states. In recent years, Sharon achieved U.S....

Kathy Shepard and Alanna Shepard

Mother and daughter duo, Kathy Shepard [no age given] and Alanna Shepard [no age given], recall some of their interesting family history, the travels they've completed together and a few of Alanna's favorite things.

Getting to know the makeup of mom’s identity

I thought of things that are relevant to the makeup of my personality and I didn’t know too much about my mom from when she was younger then asked her about them so I could make up my own comparisons...

My Father the Pastor

I, Elandra Freeze, interview my father about his spiritual journey that lead him to where he is now and what he hopes to do in the future.

“Being a Stepmom, Whatever that Looks Like.”

Kaden talks to his stepmom about her life and what it was like being a stepmom in a relationship with kids already there. He learns a lot about what she did growing up and what it's like living with arthritis...

Interview with my dad

In this interview I asked my dad about main events and lessons he learned throughout his life. From childhood to now he has discovered the true key to living life how one should. Finding a career is not about money...

Coming From China

The story of my mom traveling to America and her experiences here.

My Dad Around the Globe

My dad has told me many stories about his travels, but much of the time he has frequently been cut short or never gets to finish. So I wanted to take some time and get the full story of one...

Ardoth Hassler-Short and James Short

Spouses Ardoth Hassler-Short [no age given] and James Short (75) share a conversation about how they met and about the more than forty years they have spent together.

Interview w gma

My grandma and I discuss influential events in her life and lessons that she was taught.