My Moms Interview!

The main thing we talked about was traveling out of the country and jobs my mom had when she was a teenager.

Father of two is in a happier place after moving to Portland

I interviewed my father, we talked a lot about his life growing up, his life with me and my sister in the picture, what’s happening now, and a little bit about what he plans to do in the future

From Italy to America; The Start of a New Chapter

Marco Muça talks about his journey from Italy to America. From living on an island, to moving across seas to play soccer in Kentucky, we learn about the struggles and triumphs of such a journey.

Traveling across the world
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Talk about the difficulties of learning English

The adventures of Goldie

From GSU student to Flight Attendant. Growing and traveling mixed into one!

August 11, 2019 App Interview

My aunt shares her stories and advice from her experiences in travel

Interviewing my grandma about her life

Special guest talks about her childhood and experiences in India, her job experience, and her transition from India to America. My grandma can’t speak English fluently so I will be translating what she is saying.

An Interview With My Mom

An interview with my mom where we discuss her childhood experiences such as bullying, international traveling, nose jobs, and more. We also dive into parenthood and how it has influenced and shaped her life.

Conversations about Gratitude

Melissa Wilson (35) interviewed Ryan Ashkenase (26) , on December 6, 2020. Ryan is her sister's boyfriend who she is getting to know better now. Ryan had a vastly different childhood which I had heard bits and pieces about from...

Nana’s story

Her life with her husband, and traveling.

“Life is about going forward into the future, not looking back into the past.”

Beyanka Vong, born in Vietnam, talks about the struggles she had faced throughout her childhood and her many different experiences. She constantly traveled around at a young age due to her parents' divorce and eventually led to her journey with...

A Snap of Louise Griffin’s Life

Louise Griffin talks about the ups and downs of her life, and how she overcame obstacles throughout childhood and adult life.

David MacDonald talks about his early years, teaching in England, and appendicitis.

My grandpa was born in Nova Scotia moved to ashtabula Ohio, grew up there and didn't like school except college. He went to Europe instead of being drafted for the army, taught French even thought he was not very qualified....

Woods Travels Documentary

This interview is about Shannon Woods’ experiences with traveling the world.

Life of Gary Schmidt as he travels around the world.

Gary Schmidt (68) is interviewed by Matthew Schulze (15) about his life and travel around the world. Gary speaks about his life and how he was impacted by the freedom he was given. He also embraces his son and what...

Journalism Project

We discussed his traveling experiences and the scary parts and what he learned from traveling so much.

He did it Paul’s Way

“Regrets, have had a few but then again too few to mention, I did it my way”, A young boy who grew up in Canada with his 2 siblings and 2 parents became one of the youngest self-made singer/songwriters in...