Amy Yarger discusses Urban Prairies Project in Colorado with Karyn Light-Gibson

Karyn, a graduate student at Miami University, talks with Amy Yarger. Amy works at the Butterfly Pavilion as the Horticulture Director. She talks with Karyn about the Urban Prairies Project and its importance to the overall biodiversity of Denver, surrounding...

Neighborhood Equity and Latino Urbanism in Dallas, TX

A discussion about the Latino experience in Dallas, TX, small business owners and the threat of housing displacement in Oak Cliff neighborhoods with Jennifer Rangel, urban planner and author of "A Geographical Examination of Urban Planning - Oak Cliff as...

Allison Henderson and Sara Copeland

Allison Henderson 1st year Graduate student in the MUP at the University of Kansas talks with Sara Copeland the Director of Community Development in North KC about her planning career.

KU UBPL Grad Student Troy Watterson And Planning and Building Director, Zach Tusinger’s Interview

Troy Watterson, a KU UBPL Graduate Student, conducts an interview with current Planning and Building Director for the City of Calistoga, Zach Tusinger and share his experience, accomplishments and story, as an professional planner.

Maggie Wilcox and Gala Korniyenko

Gala Korniyenko, a PhD student at The Ohio State University gives advice to Maggie Wilcox, a first year Master's Student at The University of Kansas, on community building and engagement, urban planning, international development, and life in general.

Gregory Frazee and Aaron Domini

One Small Step partners Gregory "Greg" Frazee (62) and Aaron Domini (43) share about their childhoods and upbringings, reflect on the impact of social programs both historically and in the present, and discuss their biggest accomplishments in life.

Aziza Longi and Dave Norford

[Recorded Friday, April 8, 2022] Aziza (23) and Dave (62) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Aziza is a graduate student at UVA studying urban planning, and Dave is a farmer from Albemarle County. The two bond...

Alison Shaner and Carol Ketcherside Sep 23 2020 10:05 pm

Alison, a first year student in KU's Urban Planning Graduate Program, speaks with Carol Ketcherside, Deputy Director of Planning and Development at Valley Metro, about her experiences as a professional planner.

Dave Schoen talks to Yasmin Misra about his childhood and his experiences later on in life as an educator

On November 21, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, Yasmin Misra (16) and Dave Schoen (74), family friends, discuss Mr. Schoen's childhood and Norwegian upbringing in rural Wisconsin. Mr. Schoen also talks about teaching as a university professor in Indiana and how...

Ashley Crites, Director of Planning for City of Tuscaloosa, AL, interviewed by Logan Heley, KU MPA student

Ashley Crites, Director of Planning for City of Tuscaloosa, AL, talking about her career in public service and urban/city planning

Edward Kinner and Beverly Kinner

Spouses Beverly Kinner [no age given] and Edward Kinner [no age given] talk about their involvement in the Columbus, GA community. While Edward describes the work he did on the Columbus Riverfront and Whitewater Project, Beverly shares her experiences volunteering...

Kip Strauss, HNTB discusses being a transportation planner to urban planning student Neda Torabi of the University of Kansas

Kip Strauss, HNTB (53) transportation planner of 25 plus years talks to Nada Torabi (41) a first year Iranian urban planning student working on her Masters degree from the University of Kansas. Kip talked about what its like to practice...

City Park in Denver, Colorado

On a snowy day in Denver, I sat down with Parks and Recreation’s Executive Director, Allegra “Happy” Haynes to talk about our shared favorite place in the city to gather and play and connect with nature, City Park.

Emma VandeWater, Sean Tapia, and Urban Planning

Emma VandeWater is a student in the Master of Urban Planning program at the University of Kansas. Sean Tapia is a graduate of the University of Kansas and works at a planning firm in Chicago. In this interview we talked...