Jack Turnbull and Gene Turnbull

Jack Turnbull talks to his Grandpa, Gene Turnbull, about his time in the Army National Guard during the 1960's and during the Vietnam War.

Justin Spencer and Emily Spencer

Justin Spencer (33) is interviewed by his wife, Emily Spencer (32), about his experience serving in the US Army and his deployments in Afghanistan.

Army – part 1

Days after getting married, getting drafted, boot camp and arriving in Denver for assignment at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center.


Brooke Slaton (18) asks her friend, Cheryl McCreery (30) about her time in the military. She asks her a series of questions regarding what she enjoyed, what her job was, what was hard about it and what advice she would...

how was basic

In this interview i covered over how basic went throughout joining the army and any pros and cons.

Charita Harmon-Johnson and Daryl Pinkney

Charita Harmon-Johnson (66) interviews her brother Daryl Pinkney (60) about his service in the US Army, his deployments abroad, and his transition back to civilian life.

The United States Army in Okinawa, Japan

Macey Wommer (23) interviewed her grandfather, Arthur Bitler (94) about his experience in Okinawa, Japan as a small arms repairs draftee for the United States Army during the Korean War.

Willie Rhinehart and Jacqueline Rhinehart

Jacqueline Rhinehart (62) interviews her father Willie Rhinehart (82) about his experience being drafted into the Army and his deployments abroad.

Interview on Canadian Grandfather Who Served for the US Army

My grandfather was a Canadian citizen who decided that he wanted to serve for the US Army and this interview is all about his life experiences and adventures.

Ronnie Roden – U.S. Army – Berlin Wall

The person I interviewed was my dad, Ronnie Roden, who is 54. We discussed his experience in the U.S. Army at a young age. Specifically, he talked about his time being stationed in Germany and how he was there when...

Kruti Ravaliya and Paul Lafranchise

Spouses, Kruti Ravaliya (36) and Paul Lafranchise (38), talk about Paul's service in the U.S. Army and the impact it had on their family.

Edward Bloch and Meredith Skeath 2

Meredith Skeath: 2020-09-14 00:15:09. Edward Bloch (87) and his cousin Meredith Skeath (71) discuss Edward's meeting and marrying his wife Carol, raising their daughters Elizabeth and Suzy, and how his career in public relations developed.

Teresa Clement and Ray Ambrozak

Teresa Clement (58) interviews her father, Ray Ambrozak (85), about what it was like to get drafted into the military, his work in psychological operations, and his time in Laos.

Mimi and Papa’s Military Service

David (73) and Cindy (74) shares their experiences in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam era. They discuss the importance of defending our freedom and the constitution.

"Don't Volunteer"! Just kidding…

Thomas was drafted and served with distinction, but he never signed up for that life!