Interviewing a Young Venezuelan Immigrant

I interview my 20yo college student roommate who immigrated to the USA from Venezuela when he was 14. We talk about his experiences, cultural differences, and what he has learned.

Maren Bruce and Mirella LaSalle

Maren Bruce talks with her grandmother about her childhood in Italy during WW2, and her subsequent migration to Venezuela, Switzerland, and the US.

Jose and Cesar talk about the Cuban Missile Crisis and Venezuela

My grandfather was 10 years old when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred with the US. So, I decided to ask him about the event and communism itself since he was so close to where it was happening. We also spoke...

The Venezuelan Crisis From a Dual-Citizen

My father, a Venezuelan native and now US citizen, shares his feelings and thoughts over the crisis in Venezuela.

Interview with my mom

We talked about my moms early life and what she wanted from me in my future. I also found out my mom never worked as a lawyer and how she says not to get marry young mot because it’s a...

Loving America

Niece interviews her Aunt about her birth country Venezuela and about “the melting pot” in Venezuela and in the US, and her gratefulness for this country (US).

Eric's Story, Venezuelan Refugee November 2022 (Spanish)

Eric (38) speaks with grad student Yoli (32) about his family's experience immigrating to the US from Venezuela in 2022.

Interview with Mr. Vera

Andres Vera Immigrated from Venezuela to America In order to have better opportunities, and has accomplished so much since he has arrived.

How Venezuela had changed?

Not all that long ago, before the crony socialism that wrecked its economy, before the government robbed people rights, and among other things, Venezuela brought many tourist to the country to see the natural beauty, its oil fields, the most...

Brenda Escalona: Growing into being a mother.

Marcela Maya interviews her mother, Brenda Escalona, about what her life has been over the years and how her family and kids have changed her life.

John M. Moody – Pioneering Geologist in Venezuela

John M. Moody started out as a small boy from a small town in Texas, visiting Lake Texoma and admiring the wealth of fossils all around him. This led him to a career in geology through which he pioneered the...

SW-539 Human Development Final StoryCorps Project Part 2 (Ivan Shapiro)

In part 2 of this project, I reflect on my conversation with Melanie S. and provide a summary of the individual’s narrative, as well as an analysis and conclusion.

Living in Venezuela with Missionaries

I interview my step-father and talk about his experience living in Venezuela.

Arturo Seijas and his experiences in Venezuela.

Arturo Seijas discusses his experiences in Venezuelan school systems. While sharing his past experiences he also discusses the differences between his home countries and the United States school system

New Beginnings

On December 3rd, 2022 I interviewed my boyfriend Luis about his experience in moving here from Venezuela. The recording contains first hand accounts, stories, and raw emotions. Listen to the whole interview to understand his optimistic outlook on life, his...

Raquel Martinez

Raquel’s life and her experience in Venezuela and the United States

Mom interview

Saleh saadah interviewing my mom Nary about life in Venezuela

Lino’s Side of the Love Story

Lino Velarde recounts his experience immigrating to the United States from Maracaibo, Venezuela. He also recounts his experience meeting his current wife, Julie Velarde, and the difficulties that came along with marrying into her large family. Part of this large...

Interview with Ari Gonzalez

In the interview you will learn the history of how my family got to the United States and why they did so.