Tina Moran LHP project

This is a story about my step father jade Culbertson and his experience overseas fighting in the Gulf War

My Poppy’s Story

After spending 2 years in Germany during the Vietnam War, he returned home to help run the family newspaper.

A life of military service and sailing adventures: a veteran’s story

My husband, Matt and I bought our first live aboard sailboat in 2013. We moved it to a marina in south Florida and docked next to a boat called, "On Point" and met our new neighbor, and Marine Corps Vietnam...

Coming Home and Speaking out for Peace – Robert Birmingham and Eleanor Johnston

Robert Birmingham (74), a Vietnam veteran, has been anti war since the beginning. He talks with his granddaughter, Eleanor (16) about attending a rally for peace. Like John Lennon, he believes people should respect peace for all, not based on...

From boy, to sailor, to husband, to father. The story of Andy “Doc” Ortega

My father is a first generation immigrant from Mexico that grew up between the bustling city of Los Angeles and the small farm town of Reedley in Central California. After graduating high school he enlisted in the US Navy as...

Chris O'Brien Jaeger Interview HE9

Christopher O’Brien and his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien, talk about the advances in technology seen from and older generation. Also, Mr. O’Brien was a navy veteran before the Vietnam war and discusses memories from the past. Being born in Philadelphia would...

Fall Listening 2018

We talked about his life and what experiences he had.

Military Service

During this interview, we spoke about my mom's service in the military. What she enjoyed most and her not so enjoyable moments. We also spoke about her transition from military to civilian life.

Veteran Roger Phillips

Veteran interview with Roger Phillips

The Korean War Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Formal First class Sergeant of the 5th Regimental Combat Team of the U.S Infantry Bill Parker (85) describes his 13 month deployment in Korea during the Korean War (1950- 1953). When Sergeant Parker was interview by his grandson, Andrew Goetz...

Interview w/ Grandpa–Vietnam Veteran

My grandfather has never opened up to us about Vietnam and I was hoping this project would help. It did!! i learned more about him and his life in Puerto Rico and the service.

William Gray (Grampa Bill)

Chase Gray Interviewer (grandson) William Ernest Gray || talked about William’s (Bill’s) Life and family, his spiritual journey, involvement in Church and positive influences in his life

Interview with retired Navy Officer

Today I, Paige Ryan, interviewed my Grandpa Joe, who is 90. I am 21 years old and doing this for my sociology class. Today we discussed military service.

Curt Weaver, Vietnam vet, and his experience in the Navy.

Curtis Weaver, a 77 year old E5 Vietnam Veteran, discusses his time in the Navy from 1965-1972. Notably, he assisted in salvage after the USS Frank E. Evans collision. Interview includes personal anecdotes, comments, and descriptions of his life and...

Oscar Balladares and Tanish Sathish

Oscar Balladares, a deported veteran, talks to Tanish Sathish, a student, about his experience in the army, getting deported as a veteran, and some important life lessons from a unique perspective.

Luke Dawson interviewing his grandfather, Joseph Craten

Luke Dawson, age 16, interviewing his grandfather, Joseph Craten, age 78, in Maryland.

The Story of Anne ‘Nancy’ Miller
May 22, 2022 App Interview

This interview dives into the life of Anne Miller and her livelihood. We hear stories about her parents and what it was like growing up for her. She shares some advice and amazing stories that are worth listening to.

Darwin Hentz’s War Stories

Grandpa was a World War II veteran and tells his military stories and experiences as a paratrooper.