Life with Six Siblings and a Mom that wasn't a Mom

Julian Zavala-Gunderson (18) interviews his mom, Brittany Gunderson (37) about her childhood with her family and what she had to do to be the "Mom" and a sister for her sisters since the actual mom wouldn't be the mom.

Evelyn and Peyton Corl

An interview between 2 siblings

Madyson Harden and Wyanetta Johnson talking about the past.

Madyson Harden (16) talking with her grandma Wyanetta Jhonson (58) about memories of growing up and raising Madyson's mom. Also some advice given by Wyanetta to Madyson about finishing high school.

Nonie and Hayden

I talked with my grandmother for my interview. In this interview, I asked her to tell me some stories of my mom and her three brothers growing up in Los Angeles, CA. My grandmother then told me many stories of...

Patricia Watson Interview

In this interview, conducted November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, Gabriel Watson interviews his mother, Patricia Watson about her family lineage, expectations in life, siblings, the location of her upbringing, and what she is most prideful of in life


I talked with my Mima and her sister about spirituality, their childhood, and the lessons they’ve learned in their lives.

My Past Is Your Past

Although I never knew my great great grandparents, this interview with my grandmother made it feel like I knew them my whole life. On December 31, 2018, I, Kate Godfrey, interviewed my grandmother Carol Burns in Scottsdale, Arizona. The stories...

Andrea Lozada, 18, talks with her brother, Gabriel Lozada, 17

Andrea Lozada and Gabriel Lozada discuss the past, the present, and the future.

Attitude of Gratitude Henkelman
November 23, 2017 App Interview

Interview with my sister for Thanksgiving.

DIY Ski Mask

My step-father tells us how it was like growing up with a strict mom in the country and how he decided to make his very own ski mask.

Julia and Parker Harmon’s Interview

This was an interview on between us and the questions that I had for her and myself.

Priya Mittal interviews her mom about her life

I interviewed my mom about her childhood, her siblings, and just all the lessons she’s learned in life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my dads childhood and what it was like. Also about his family like siblings and his children.

Interview with mom

This interview sums up most of my mother’s life up until today, it also explains the times she has had to go through and how so adapted to tough times.

Interview with my 8 year old brother.

We talked about what his favorite things are and why. I asked things about his school life and also asked some simple questions.


Grier Mathews talks about growing up and moments that shaped her life

Birth of a Sibling

Questions about pregnancy, naming of my sister and more