Wilma talks to her granddaughter about catholic school, growing up around the block, and meeting her husband.

Wilma and her granddaughter Amy discuss her journey to the United States, growing up in catholic school, meeting her husband at 15, and family life.

Elena Varela, Maria Guadalupe Rico-Varela, and Irma Varela

Hermanas Elena Martha Varela (61) y Irma Varela (59) entrevistan a su mamá, Maria Guadalupe Rico-Varela (90), sobre las decisiones que hizo en criar a sus hijas empoderadas a seguir la educación en los tiempos cuando no se acostumbraba a...

Yomari Cruz and Rebecca Sumner Burgos

Yomari Cruz (42) es entrevistada por Rebecca Sumner Burgos (48), coordinadora de enlaces comunitarios en La Casa Norte donde ella recibe asistencia de alimentos. Yomari habla de su rol como madre de un hijo con autismo, las adversidades que ha...

Patricia Perez and Norma Perez

Patricia Perez (61) speaks with her sister Norma Perez (51) about their family background, going to college, and starting her own business. The pair also talk about how important they are to each other.

Three short Interviews with founders of Waldorf Schools in Mexico: Inlakesh, Ak Lu’um, and Aguascalientes Waldorf Schools

During the regional delegates meeting for Waldorf schools located in the fondly named region of TexMexCanSoRock (Texas, Mexico, Canada and the Southwest Rockies), three short interviews were recorded asking the question to three Waldorf school founders there, "What were the...

Aureliano Gonzalez and Stephanie Gonzalez

Aureliano Gonzalez(43) talks with his daughter, Stephanie Gonzalez (14) about his life growing up, living through a global pandemic and how the life he’s living right now was never the life he was expecting to live.

Javier Solorzano and Olimpia del Socorro Solorzano

Olimpia del Socorro Solorzano (72), a two-time breast cancer survivor, shares her story with son Javier Alexander Solorzano (37) on how she found faith and fortitude in the most challenging moments of her life.

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Alicia Marván, Director of Guapamacataro Center for Arts and Ecology

Alicia talks about the importance of the Guapamacataro Arts and Ecology center as a place for artist residents and as a way to give back to the Maravatio community. Alicia is both a citizen of Mexico and the United States...

Damellys Sacriste and Guillermo Sacriste

Siblings Damellys Sacriste (50) and Guillermo Sacriste [no age given] share the same father, William Jose Sacriste Diaz. In this conversation they discuss what it was like for each of them growing up, their views on family, and their hopes...

Arwen and Ana Canino Fluit talk about childhood & parenthood

On Thanksgiving Weekend Arwen interviews her mother about her childhood in Puerto Rico, and what it was like to parent her.

Pamela Sinchi and her mother, Norma Camarena, talk about her experience coming over to the USA / how hard it was to be where she is now.

Pamela Sinchi: 2021-09-29 01:31:20 In this interview, Pamela Sinchi (14) interviews her mother, Norma Camarena (40), about her experience coming over to the USA and her experience being here including becoming a resident. She talks about within her 18 years...

Interviewing Alicia pichardo my the great thanksgiving

Today I am going to interview my mom about her life and what she likes! The questions I am going to ask her are in English and she is going to answer in Spanish.

Ivan Arzate and Hortencia Carrera

Ivan Arzate (16) interviews his mother, Hortencia Carrera, to discover her views as a parent and observe how she reflects on her past.

Joel talks to his dad Jose about his past life.

In this interview, Jose talks to Joel about his past life and the sacrifices he had to make to come to the U.S. Talked about his goals before getting to America was. His dreams and childhood.

Interview with Epitasia Ruizsuazo

Epitacia Ruizsuazo talks about her experience coming to the United States with a permit that allowed her and her whole family to immigrate and escape from the crime and delinquency in Chihuahua, Mexico. Immigrating to the United States wasn't hard,...

Axell Caceres interviews Orlando Caceres (father)

During this interview, conducted on October 1st of 2018 in Bronx, New York. Axell Caceres interviews his father Orlando Caceres about his life and experiences. Orlando Caceres includes stories of moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic. All...

Somos Hermanas–Michelle and Natalie Fullenkamp

Natalie discusses learning Spanish and what she and Michelle were like as children. Natalie habla sobre aprender español y cómo eran ella y Michelle cuando eran niñas.Jac

El Abuelo Con Cabello Blanco

In this interview conducted, In April 2018 In Santa Ana California, Perla Lozano interviews her grandfather Jose Rocha. My grandpa and I talked about how he felt when I was born since I was his very first granddaughter, how his...

Mommy’s Words

Hello my name is Maria Espinoza, and in this audio I am interviewing my mom, Nidia Soto. We talked about my life as a child and now as a teenager. We also talked about how becoming a parent changed her...