Interviewing Mom

I was interviewing my mom about the hopes and dreams that she has for me.

Interviewing my grandma Cuc Phan

My grandma tells me why she flees Vietnam to go to the U.S and the hardships that came with it. ( In Vietnamese)

Great Thanksgiving Project with Ba Noi

I interview my Grand Ma ( Ba Noi ) for my thanksgiving project

Language and Culture Story

Talked about my mom’s culture and language background and how it was like for her to come to a different country to live.


The troubles of a Vietnam War refugee.

A Better Future

My name is Tiffany Huynh (16) and in this interview I spoke with my grandmother, Nguyet Thi Tran (74). In this interview, my grandmother tells stories and memories from her life in Vietnam to when she immigrated her husband and...

Linh Truong and vtruong

My dad lived a non-wealthy lifestyle in the countryside of Vietnam throughout his childhood. He traveled to America, and throughout his journey, he faced many hardships.

"How did you learn how to cook?"

Katherine interviews her grandma, Xuan Tran. Katherine calls her grandma, Ba Ngoai, which is the Vietnamese translation for grandma. about her grandma’s food and childhood. Her grandmother tells her about how she learned at a young age how to cook...

The Life of a Father, Immigrant, and Veteran

This is an interview with my father to explore the several identities he has as an American immigrant, a father, and a survivor of the Vietnam War. He shared his memories of his childhood and his visions of the younger...

My Mom’s Story

My mom talks about her life in Vietnam and how it changed when she immigrated to the U.S. Q1: When and where were you born? A1: I am born in Quang Ngai, Tra Khuc River. Q2: What was life like...