Becoming a Military Parent.

Parents always want their children to be successful in life. We are never prepared to have our children leave home. How are you supposed to feel when you child tells you they want to serve their country?

Interview with a chemist

I sit down and talk to my girlfriend about her job and her route int becoming a chemist!

Rashon and Matthew discuss his career as a teacher. " How do you want your student's to remember you?"

This is an interview given to a high school classmate of mine that is a fourth grade teacher in Brooklyn New York.

Exploring sound, math, and design through interactive experiences

Interactive designer Ginger Leigh talks about her love for math, coding, and creating immersive experiences, and how all of these things come together in her work. Ginger Leigh’s installations have been presented at museums and events around Orlando including Snap!...

Jennifer De Los Santos

Jennifer De Los Santos gives some amazing life lessons and talks about how her past has shaped into who she is today.

A Gillett Love Story

In this interview, I sat down with one of my Professors to reflect on her marriage with, coincidentally, one of my other Professors.