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The Naval Service of Leland Alfred Hemming Recounted by His Son, Leland Hughes Hemming

Leland Hughes Hemming (85 years old) describes Leland Alfred Hemming’s (his father’s) career in the U.S. Navy from the early 1930’s until after World War 2, including the circumstances that earned him the Bronze Star.

“The Government’s Best Kept Secret”: Dale Gump and the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps

Ensign Dale Gump, a Commissioned Officer within NOAA Corps, talks to Nathaniel Janick for the American Geophysical Union’s Paths Through Science project about the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps, his work aboard the NOAAS Thomas Jefferson, and advice on successful careers...

World War II — Okinawa Shore Leave

Harry S. Scott, born January 1922 and one of the last surviving veterans of WWII, tells a story of late in the war. He was an ensign and then LTJG aboard the Y.M.S. 387 (yard minesweeper) off Okinawa in 1945,...

Interview with my great-grandfather

Fred Tejada discusses his childhood in the Philippines in the 1940s and the opportunities he had been given from it

Interview with Captain Sandra Johnston of the U.S. Navy (my amazing mom)

Captain Johnston talks about her experiences being in the Navy for the past 30 years. She tells of her different deployments, especially those on the hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, during the Gulf War and during a humanitarian mission to...

Eldon Carl Swanson Jr., part 2 stories

Cousins Jennifer Swanson and Carla Swanson Gawthrop's second interview with Jenny's uncle/Carla's dad as the extended family is gathered for a wedding. Eldon Carl Swanson Jr covers how he got into the Navy, how he and Dee afforded a steak...

Tell me about poppy again

A quick story of how Theda met the love of her life during world war two while serving in the navy.

Dub & Marty’s First Home Together

Dub describes living with Marty in their first home, celebrating their elopement with a party, and attending the U.S. Navy Modern Warfare School.

War Never Changes

We talked about my grandfather's early life and military life.

How the navy shaped my dad into the person he is today.

On a Febuary 3, 2018. I, Kendall Mullen, interviewed Kent Mullen, my father, about his time in the army. I learned some important lessons on how the navy shaped my father into the kind loving, and responsible person he is...

Story Corps with the Supply Corps

Listen to the some of the life experiences of a female Supply Corps Officer in the Navy

One Man’s Military Service

We discussed some aspects of my father’s military life and important life lessons he learned.

Richard Hanzlik – NAS Meridian Mississippi

Richard Hanzlik was a Navy Senior Petty Officer at the NAS Meridian Navy Base in Mississippi. He served during Vietnam.

Who do you look up to most
November 24, 2018 App Interview

Renee Metz interviews Ricco Reyes about his life; what he loved about his life, and what he wishes he had done differently.