Harold Searcy Life & Times Part lll

Aviation trading thru Corpus Christi and Jacksonville. Ending with first trip to the Great Lakes for Carrier training.

Carter Brooks

During this interview we discussed carters life including his career, life experiences, children etc.

The Kyle Perri Podcast: The Korean War

A brief but informative summary of my uncle (John Roccle)’s experience in the Korean War as part of the US Navy.

William Tenney and his time in the Korean War

Mr. Tenney describes his time serving as a dentist in the US Navy during the Korean War

Noanie Interview

An interview with my mom, mainly about her time in Hawaii and meeting my dad, David Martin.

Griswold Home Care Resilience Project: Jim Hedtke's Lessons on Resilience from 75 Days Under Sea on the USS Flying Fish

Jim Hedtke, Vietnam Era Submariner shared humorous tales from 75 days under sea on the US Navy's USS Flying Fish with Beth Moeller for the Griswold Home Care Resilience Project. Hear powerful lessons about resilience that inspire pride in America's...

Harold Searcy: life and times

Harold recounts his life, growing up in rural Missouri, up through his enlistment in the navy during WWII

Interview with Grampy

We talked about him as a child and him when he was in the military.

Veterans connect

John hildebrand is my dad. He is corpsman in the Navy. He was in the military for 25 years. He told me lots of funny storys in his time like the time he was called old or the time when...

Edward Bartley

“Don’t smoke at night and keep your head down”- wisdom from my grandfather who always has his two cents to add and never fails to make us laugh

Don Clark is interviewed by his granddaughter Anna Liz

Don has given 400 units of blood, won a community service award, spoken to the president, and worked on the space station. He’s pretty cool.

Interviewing my Grandfather

My grandfather talks about his life in the Navy, what it was like as a child, and what his life was like after his service.

My grandpa talks about some parts of his life

My grandpa has to get along with people in the navy and he was a tech agnishion in the navy and he met momo (my grandma) at a New Years party

Fire on the Forrestall

We talked about the processes of going through flight school. Then, we talked about overseas deployment and an accident that occurred.