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Keeping it Light During Covid-19

Austin VanBezooyen (15 years old) talks with his Great Aunt Rachelle. He asks her a series of random funny questions in order to take their minds off of sheltering in place.

StoryCorps Project

I ask my brother what it’s like working at a nursing/ rehabilitation center during the pandemic.

Class Interview

We talked about her life and people that she loves and really appreciates.

My awesome dad!

We had talked about my dads early life the military and his summers as a kid. We had also talked about his life with my mom and their time together.

Politics with Mom

Talking about my moms views in politics

Year 4: First Year of Marriage
March 2, 2020 App Interview

We discussed our relationship first date proposal and our first year of our marriage.

WWII Lhp Interview

Her family experiences during WWII

Childhood and School
February 11, 2020 App Interview

Taisei is from Kobe and he has a great childhood in his hometown

Dick Seidenspinner died in a skiing accident and was brought back to life.

Dick Seidenspinner went out for a normal day of skiing. Little did he know a catastrophic event was waiting for him around the corner.


we’re doing an example interview in class

The Best Sister Ever

My sister Gina and I talked about her seizure condition, why mom is her hero, and how great she is at knitting and painting.

Richet Taylor and Ashley Woods

Richet Taylor: 2020-04-28 23:57:57 Richét Taylor talks with her friend, Ashley Woods about our life experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Talk

I talk with my high school friend about covid

My life in Milwaukee?

What was talked about was were she was born and were she grew up

interview with my dad

Asked a few questions about his life and work, as well as his childhood.


The story of how my grandmother met my grandfather.

Suhaan and his dad talk about dad’s experience’s

My dad and I talked about his early childhood memories and who were some of the greatest inspirations to him. We also talked about school and good and bad influences.

English III Interview

Me, Drake (16) and my grandfather (73). We discussed family, my mom, memories, and work.