Michael Tierney and Christine Daugherty

Friends and fellow activists, Michael Tierney (60) and Christine Weiss Daugherty (80), reflect on moving to West Virginia and their involvement with rural activism and community development.

Loney Hutchins and Loney Hutchins

Loney Fred Hutchins (65) is interviewed by his son Loney John Hutchins (33) about growing up in poverty in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee, and the various lines of work - engineer, musician, therapist - he followed to get to...

The Life and Wisdom of Shawn Stover

Shawn Stover is the much-admired and respected Reentry Coordinator at Ohio Means Jobs of Athens County. He tells his life story, discusses his work with people leaving prison, and shares words of wisdom.

"Get it whether it's there or not," An interview with Mabel Pauline Stutler Wilson

Mabel Wilson (95) speaks about her life with her grandson Adam Wilson (35). Stories include her father running from the 'rebels' during the civil war, how she raised three kids alone after her husband was killed in the Korean War,...

Learning About My Nana Barbara

We talked about her teaching career and experiences she had while doing it. I learned a lot about my grandparents and great grandparents during the interview. I also didn’t realize how many times she had moved in her life time.

The Life and Wisdom of Diana Prinz

Diana tells her life story, speaking of family, addiction and recovery, incarceration and reentry, challenges and resilience, and shares words of wisdom gained through hard-fought experience.

Michael DiMonte and Rekha Shukla
December 3, 2020 OSS Hub

In their One Small Step conversation, Michael DiMonte (68) and Rekha Shukla (55) talk about how they relate to immigration, with Rekha's history moving to the US with her family as a young girl, and with Michael's experience working abroad.