Family questions

We talked About when my siblings and i were kids and how he felt when he met us.

Carter Archer Interview

I interviewed my father and his thoughts on coaching.

The Bear story

A young girl trapped in a room, clueless of what the outside world is like

George Pettigrew and Paula Patterson

Siblings George Pettigrew (70) and Paula Patterson (72) share a conversation about their grandparents, their parents, and the legacy of their family.

Mary Charlton, Lea Charlton, and Leslie Stigaard

Sisters, Lea Charlton (56) and Leslie Stigaard [no age given], talk with their mother, Mary Charlton (77), about her life experiences during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Church, childhood, mother and daughter bonding…

me and my mom dive into how her life changed when her grandparents passed away... and how her brother being in the military changed her life

Aidan Gray and Robert Bell

Aidan Gray (16) interviews his grandfather Robert Bell (77) about his experiences as a father, grandfather, and scientist after contracting polio as young child.

Talley Gale and Elaine Green

Talley Gale (29) interviews her grandmother, Elaine Green (93), about her childhood, what it was like living through the Great Depression, her memorable experience learning modern dance from Martha Graham, and her decision to stay in Arkansas after falling in...

Interviewing my Mother who was born and raised in El Salvador

This interview is going to be about my Mother telling the listeners about her life story, as jn how it was like growing up in El Salvador. Some parts of this interview, she will be going into depth, so disclaimer...

Ruby Nell Interview Part II

We discussed her childhood and details about her past. We also discussed how she found her way to Arkansas and her life after leaving home.

Oral History Interview – Antoinette White

Interview about her experience being a young, black, female University of Arkansas student from the Delta.

My mama and me<3

My mom and I talked about her childhood and what she wants for me as an adult, I really appreciated doing this interview with her. We have the opposite schedules so this was very much needed

The Legal System vs. Marijuana

Nephew speaks with his uncle a small business owner about his new business. Cannabis Dispensary!

Great thanksgiving listen interview with Juanita Penkala

Juanita Penkala talks about her childhood, the lessons she's learned, and gives some advice for future generations.

Desert Storm

Basic questions on Steve lambs experiences and thoughts on Desert Storm

Interview with Coach Robinson

The impact of a coach has on a player. Also the impact a teacher has on a student.

Alisha Rodriguez’s interview for StoryCorps,2017

In this recording, Alisha Rodriguez at Washington Junior High in Bentonville Arkansas, records an audio file for StoryCorps. Alisha is in seventh grade.

Lynda Kay and Trysta Herzog

Lynda Kay (57) and her daughter, Trysta Herzog (38), discuss their lifelong journeys as queer women and share how parenting has pushed them to examine different facets of their identity.

An Interview with a NJROTC Commander

This is an interview between myself, Taylor Mahan, and my NJROTC Commander James Davis. In this interview we discuss Commander Davis' career in the military and then transitioning into civilian life as well as important people in his life that...

"But our guns were bigger….."

Ms. Felicia Foy, Army veteran shares her experiences and life of service in the United States military.