Great thanksgiving listen interview with Juanita Penkala

Juanita Penkala talks about her childhood, the lessons she’s learned, and gives some advice for future generations.

I interviewed Emy, my grandmother in 2016. We chat about life, love, early days growing up in Kansas, and everything in between.

In 2016 I began interviewing my grandmother, who is now 89, to try and capture some of her stories before it’s too late. I initially set out to do a podcast, but life got busy so I’ve resorted to putting...

Interview with Ruth Phillips in San Marcos, Tx on December 1st, 2019.

Faith Phillips interviewed her Grandmother Ruth Phillips on December 1st, 2019. They discussed her life and lessons she had learned. As well as memories of her family when she was a child.

Cassia Cobb Interview

Interview for oral communications summer class. Conversation between Cassia Cobb and Kyle Cobb.

Interview for AP Lang.

We talked about my mother’s life and how I affected her life. We also talked about my life and what she expected and expects of me

My Interview

This interview is about my auntie and what she values and life and some of her experiences.

Sharing the love between Mommy and Me

I am interviewing my 47 year old mother about her life back then and many more thing. Skip to 8:40 to hear the funny story of my first track meet

Melani Jacob’s Interview for StoryCorps, 2017

In this recording, Melani Jacob at Washington Junior High in Bentonville, Arkansas, records an audio file for StoryCorps. Melani Jacob is an seventh grade loves her life, her family, her friends, and school.

The Bear story

A young girl trapped in a room, clueless of what the outside world is like

My grandpas life

My grandpa, Hondo Goodrich, has lived a very happy life and has always known to live life to the fullest. He looks at every opportunity as a great one and strives to make each moment a good one.

Final Presentation

My grandmother grew up picking Cotten in the Cotten fields in Arkansas

Taylor Bahn Interview

My mom talked a lot about her relationship with God, and how he changed her life. Also she talked quite a bit about family members.

53 years of happiness

An interview with my Granny Bea about her & my Papa Carl’s marriage.

"But our guns were bigger….."

Ms. Felicia Foy, Army veteran shares her experiences and life of service in the United States military.

The Legal System vs. Marijuana

Nephew speaks with his uncle a small business owner about his new business. Cannabis Dispensary!

Rhonda Speaks About her Teenage Years

Rhonda Morgan talks about her childhood life, her parents, and her teenage years. She also explains the lessons she learned over the years especially from her work experience.

Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Pop

A few questions for our great aunt Veronica Gaddis, and uncle Anthony Gaddis on our mom’s side.

Sarah Pope Interview

My grandmother reflected on her childhood and relationships. She shared the point of view of a young southern girl.