Christina Gligorova and Alisha Kashyap Discuss Living Healthy during a Pandemic

Alisha Kashyap (21) talks with her friend and colleague Christina Gligorova (21) about her experience during the pandemic. They discuss the idea of a "living healthy" lifestyle, challenges faced during the pandemic, and Christina's personal experiences/tips on living healthy.

My dad’s childhood

I interviewed my dad about his childhood. He told me lots of his stories of him growing up.

An Insiders Look Into Humanism

82 year old Michael Imison recalls past experiences in life that have impacted his beliefs. He explains how he became a committed humanist and his work as a celebrant.

Granny’s Values and Experiences Pt.1

It was a lengthy video in which I even learned things about myself, but even though the length of the recording was 45 minutes too short it was definitely not ill-spent in my opinion!

A Muslim in America

After talking with Irene Ameena I learned more about her religion, childhood, and what it’s like being a Muslim in America.

Just married: Reflecting on our wedding day and our life together so far

Our first day as husband and wife and we reflect on our wedding and our life together thus far.

Patricia Garcia and Veronica Perez

Friends and colleagues Patricia Garcia (42) and Veronica Perez (41) discuss the importance of family and their community project Dirt y Girls Compost. Dirt y Girls Compost collects compost in El Paso, Texas and returns the soil for their neighbors...

Nicole Roediger and Jeffrey Behrick

One Small Step conversation partners Nicole Roediger (59) and Jeffrey Behrick (40) talk about both being from the Carolina's, where the young get their info, 2022 being the best year ever and surviving cancer.

Winnie Kibe and Amya Oliver talk about Winnie’s life as a first-generation immigrant and college student.
November 27, 2018 App Interview

In this interview conducted on November 26th, 2018, Amya (21) interviews her friend Winnie (21) about her experiences as a first-generation immigrant and college student. Winnie shares what it was like to grow up experiencing two different cultures simultaneously (Kenyan...

Arghavan Nawaby and Caroline Valdes

Friends Arghavan Nawaby (54) and Caroline "Leilani" Valdes (49) came together as students at the McComb’s business school Executive MBA program. The two reflect on their friendship, personal experiences that shaped their values, and their time at the University of...

Jine Uzor and Michelle Ivbievbiokun

Friends Jine Uzor (20) and Michelle Ivbievbiokun (19) reflect on their time as students at McCombs business school and the work they have been a part of managing the Black Business Students Association on campus.

Dr. Steve Wilson and Dr. Elisa Wilson

Husband and wife Dr. Steve Wilson (52) and Dr. Elisa Wilson (54) discuss their journey and experiences teaching music at the University of Texas at El Paso. They also talk about how they met, the lessons of parenthood, things most...

My grandpas story

We talked about my grandfathers childhood and his parents; grandparents.

Valentine’s Day 2018 interview with Chris -Part 3

Part 3 of my Valentine’s Day interview with my husband, Chris Barton.

Jake and Tim Pascoe

My dad talked a lot about his childhood and important things he learned from his experiences growing up; and some stories I’ve never heard. Most of the things he said reminded me of times where he has given me advice...

Virginia Fraire and Jacob Fraire

Virginia Fraire [no age given] and Jacob Fraire [no age given] discuss immigration to the United States, growing up in poverty, and the importance of education. Jacob and his family immigrated from Mexico to the United States, where they were...