Transition to America

This interview encaptures the life experiences of Charlotte Good and her transformation from living in Vienna, Austria to the United States of America.

Matthew Jauch and Rebecca Jauch

Matthew Jauch (46) sits down with his wife Rebecca Jauch (42) to discuss their time working in various US Embassies around the world. The two reflect on their marriage together, spanning from their first meeting in an elevator in Vienna...

Interview with Joyce Frye

Joyce Frye, resident of Morrison Village (2503 Old Mobile Ave, Pascagoula, MS 39567) is interviewed by Reba Brown, Library Assistant 1 from Singing River Genealogy-Local History Library on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Ms. Frye discusses her pets, why she moved...

Interview with my Oma

We talked about her early childhood, her life in the concentration camps, and her love life.

Around the World with my grandma!

My grandma and I talked about living around the world and how it influenced her way of life.

Lynn Burrill and Cristina Ramirez

Lynn Fremed [no age given] and her One Small Step partner, Cristina Ramirez (46), discuss their experiences in Richmond and issues of class struggle, diversity, and education accessibility.

Lauren Korn, Mike Korn, and Alicia Crepps

Sisters Lauren Korn (34) and Alicia Crepps (34) have a conversation with their father, Mike Korn (69), about his family history, experiences as a parent, career, and legacy.

Why I Worked for Amway for 25 Years!

Helping others achieve their dreams, goals and their highest potential! Highlights of my 25 year career at Amway Corporation and promoting Nutrilite and Optimal Health around the world!

World War 2 – Inge

Inge talked about her mother’s journey across Europe near the end of the war as her and her family were fleeing the Russians advance.

Odette Cook and Daniel Moore

The story of Odette's childhood and family history, beginning with her family's emigration from Hungary to France, her move to London, and then the United States.

From Russia/Ukraine to Cleveland

My dad’s coming to America was not as easy as I once thought. My dad, his parents, and his grandparents all immigrated from Russia/Ukraine to Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1997 because they were exiled. I’ve never heard this story...

The incredible life of Cecelia 'Cele' Stieber Walko 1907-1992 by her granddaughter, the actress, singer, writer known as Miss X. Love
September 22, 2022 App Interview

Professional singer and actress "Miss X" speaks of her Grandmother Cele (Cecelia) Stieber Walko, 1907-1992, and shares some of her incredible life stories in what was meant to be a book on her Grandmother's life.

Josephine Rosner and Jonathan Schwartz

Josephine "Finny" Rosner (95) is interviewed by her friend Jonathan Schwartz (51) about growing up in Vienna before she and her family left the city when the "Anschluss" happened. She also talks about her love for her native city, moving...

Isabel and Grace Carlson LHP

Grace and Isabel(16) interview their grandmother about her father’s family, immigration, and experiences in America, and our Grandfather talks about about his family too.

Grandpa Doman

I asked him about what is childhood was like and about the army. He also told me about some of him getting hurt when he was a kid and having to work at a butcher shop at the age of...

Interview with my dad

I, Bjorn Miller age 13 interviewed my dad, Jason Miller age 45. We talked about his life experiences and his favorite traditions.