Growing Up in Saskatoon

This interview consists of the life stories and experiences of my mother, Kathleen Mclean. She talks about her involvement in music throughout her early years, and how that inspired her to pursue a career in music.

English 111

I asked her questions related to what made her into the person she is today. I also asked her questions related to memories that will stick with her for the rest of her life.

Talks with grandma

We talked about my grandma’s childhood. She also gave some life advice and wisdom.

StoryCorps Project

Interview with famous jazz musician, author, and professor Monika Herzig.

Interview with Mom

We talked about a few things happening during quarantine and some of her best older memories.

Elio Napoli Miller and Margaret Rose (Margi) Napoli

An interview hosted by Elio Napoli Miller with his Nonna, Margi Napoli. They talk about her inspirations and superstars in her life.

Ann's House and the Story of Grandma's Pies

Ann Colbert lives at 601 So. Woodlawn the same house that she visited as a young girl traveling from Paoli, IN to visit her grand parents in Bloomington Indiana. Let's listen as Ann recall her determination to buy her grand...

Maxine 100 Years: Growing up in Bloomington, Indiana

Iris Maxine Pontius grew up during the Great Depression on a small farm outside Bloomington, Indiana. She and her eight siblings learned that working together made family life enjoyable even during hard times. They grew up in a two-bedroom farmhouse...

Jackson on the B-Line

Jackson Kilby Jr. was observing local art on the B-line. Graffiti artists were tagging the building that lines the trail. Jackson was there when we did the unboxing of the sound equipment for the recording project, so it was fun...

Mary S. (Puts) Costigan with two of her sons Joseph and Paul Costigan February 2022

Mary S. Costigan (nee Ensenberger) age 91 speaks with two of her sons about stories from her youth in Bloomington, IL and her rich family life.

We Need More Teachers Like Her!

My name is Ozan Kara and I am a 17 years old cultural exchange student from Turkey. As an high school student in Bloomington, Indiana, I have had the chance to know a wonderful person, Vanessa Domizlaff, my German teacher...

Janet Dvorak: Gramma at 99

Some of Gramma’s favorite memories and various questions

Cole interview

Interview with Cole Prather about our lives.

Nana’s World View

Susan Herbin And her 18 year old Granddaughter, Alexis Smith do a interview into the world view and life of Alexis’s Grandmothers life.

Maxine 100 Years: Working for RCA and Getting Married

Iris Maxine Pontius worked at RCA starting in the late 1930s and continuing until her retirement in 1978. During WWII, she was part of a secret project building electronic devices to help the war effort. Later she helped build an...