Ronald Anderson and Katherine Liao

Katherine "Kat" Liao (42) talks with her colleague and mentor, Ronald "Ron" Anderson (83), about his extensive career in the medical profession. Topics include Ron's path to rheumatology and remembering his wife of 56 years, Barbie.

The Life I Left Behind

My step father talks about how the life changing journey from living in Boston, MA to sunny California altered his existence. and allowed him to learn new things about himself that he didn’t know before

Greenstein: Dad and Daughter
August 25, 2019 App Interview

A dad and his adult daughter talk about the happy moments early in his first marriage, overcoming shyness, and being bullied

My Mom ~ The Great Listen

This interview helped me see into how my mom views her life right now and how it came to be like it is. She is full great stories of me and my dad that I enjoyed listening to.

9/11 interview project

This is an interview I did for my history class about the events of 9/11. I interviewed my mom on it because she had family and people she knew that were closely involved.

me and my aunt fran

this interview was with me and my aunt Fran, we talked about who inspired her to be the person who she was today, and advice she gave.

Deep convo with my grandmom (xido)!

I was interviewing my grandma and asked her 4 questions. First question I said was “Tell me about your parents” she told me their names which I actually didn’t know until then. She told me that her dad was shot...

Nick and Wendy Yaffe, Be Who You Are

Nick Yaffe,(67), Principal of the Wildwood Elementary School in Amherst, MA talks with his wife, Wendy Yaffe, (68), about what advice he would give to his childhood self