the great listening

i’m so glad i got to do this project and get to know one of the important people in my life. i got to learn several important events to her.

Ameeran Ali, Attrice Stamps, and Wanda Ellington

Friends Ameeran Ali [age unknown], Attrice Stamps [age unknown], and Wanda Ellington [age unknown] discuss religious faith, their church community, and life with a large, mixed family.

Kevin Ward and Joy Horowitz

Joy Horowitz: 2020-08-13 21:48:21 Kevin Ward (67) talks with his Harvard Class of 1975 classmate Joy Horowitz (67) about how he re-memorized poetry to heal from a traumatic brain injury after a bicycle accident. And he sets the record straight...

me and my dad

I talk with 爸爸 (dad) about him growing up and the things he did

Nana’s Life

We talked about my Nana’s life growing up in Ireland, and moving to the United States.

Timothy Bywater and William McMurrin

William "Bill" McMurrin (71) interviews his friend Timothy "Tim" Bywater (80) about his experience working as both a seasonal park ranger with the National Park Service and an English professor. They also talk about their friendship and Timothy's family.

Katrina "Katt" Jeanne and Teriyana Morton

Teriyana Morton (28) interviews new friend and StoryCorps conversation partner Katrina "Katt" Jeanne (40) about her experience discovering that the man who raised her was not her biological father, learning about her genetic and ethnic makeup, and getting to know...

Chinese food revolution

The story of my grandmother’s childhood and how her mother introduced the first authentic Chinese food to the United States.

Bernadette Anderson

grew up in cambridge massachusetts had many siblings