Sister Marie Therese Summers and Sister Clare Carr

Benedictine Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery Sister Marie Therese "MT" Summers (71) and Sister Clare Carr (73) come together to talk about their experience as religious women following the call of God, particularly living as part of a monastic community....

Interview with Amina M.

Amina M. is a 14 year old girl who lives in Denver, Colorado and goes to West Early College. Amina M. came to the United States in 2004 when she was 4 months old from Kenya, a country in East...

Sandy & Herb Holmes in LA on September 2nd 2018 @ StoryCorps

The world at large and our next steps on our new journey . We are leaving LA and going to Colorado, how two old dudes get to deal with such a profound undertaking.

Leah Davis Witherow and William Hybl

Leah Davis Witherow (55) interviews William Hybl [no age given] about growing up in Pueblo, Colorado, serving in the Army in Ethiopia, and his work in the district attorney’s office.

Nancy Phillips and Paul Olson

One Small Step conversation partners Nancy Phillips (73) and Paul Olson (66) explore the similarities and differences between their political and religious perspectives, and their shared value of parenthood.

Thanksgiving Interview 2019 (Clint)

This was my brother-in-law Clint and through the interview we talked about life struggles and the lessons that came out of them. We also talked about personal struggles and how to deal with that and make personal progress. The last...

Sidny Zink and Karen Pontius

One Small Step Conversation partner Karen Pontius (69) and Sidny Zink (70) talk about political beliefs, finding their path to ambition as women, socialism, and racial diversity.

The War Years

I interviewed Nani about the War Years, she talks about her birth in India as well as a few beautiful traveling stories. She touches on her faith and love for the coincidences which make us whole.

Interview with Umutesi K.

Umutesi K. is a 17 year old living in Denver, Co and going to West Leadership High School. In 2012, at age 11, Umutesi K. immigrated with her family from Rwanda, which experienced a lot of violence from the Civil...

From a troubled teen, to an amazing mom.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

This interview shows how my mom was raised with many religious views, but took a wrong turn along the way, lost the traditions, but turned into the best mom she could be.

Making a nature connection for the Latino community in Lafayette, Colorado

Miami University graduate student Susan Cousins spoke with Keith Desrosiers about how Thorne Nature Experience is working to get Latino families in Lafayette, Colorado into nature.

Jacqueline Armendariz Unzueta and Naomi Lopez

Friends, hermanas, and colleagues Naomi Lopez (46) and Jacqueline “Jax” Armendariz Unzueta (36) talk about the work they do in their community of Colorado Springs, particularly as founding members of the Latina Equity Foundation. The two also reflect on their...

Holly Sargeant and Susan Wells Sargeant

Holly Sargeant: 2021-04-17 18:17:22 On April 17th, 20201, Holly interviews her mother, Sue, for her 67th birthday. Sue talks about her favorite childhood memories on her grandparent's farm in Iowa, her Uncle Hal as one of the biggest influences in...

Security Team Lead – Bryan Trout

Brian is the Security Team lead at my church and I’m an Intern there. I decided to interview Brian and he tells the story of how in his youth he grew up in Alaska and moved around, finding his interests...

A life time of blessings

In an afternoon, Kylie leaned some new-old things about her grandmother Shirley.

Interview with Joanne Hyman.

My mom and I sat down and discussed her life and the events that have impacted her the most.

Trinh Jones and Tim Jones

Spouses, Trinh Jones (59) and Tim Jones (58), talk about their contrasting childhoods in Saigon, Vietnam and Troy, Missouri, as well as the shared values that bring them together. They also reminisce about their early relationship, raising their two sons,...