what were you like as a kid? and why were you like that?

It was mostly about how his childhood was and how he wants his future to be.

Alex Hernandez Interviews Elaine Kyle About Her Childhood At Colorado Springs

When I interviewed Elaine Kyle, we talked about her childhood and how different it was than how it was today. She talked about her parents and how she grew up. She also contexted that it she remembered the days of...

A Chat With Grandma

Learning the life of Linda Fengler. Listening about her wonderful life from the start of her childhood, where she lived, her favorite memories, teen life, work life, and her life now.

Eloisa and Paris talk about their friendship, college, and whatever else Paris seems to come up with

Eloisa and Paris have been best friends for four years. The pair discuss their past, present, and possible future together in this ten minute phone call.

Robert Ellsberg and Christina Ellsberg

Daughter, Christina Ellsberg (20) interviews her father, Robert Ellsberg (50) about his memories of Dorothy Day, his involvement with the Catholic worker and his journey into Catholicism.

Mom’s World

My mother, Laura Dattilo, tells us about her greatest influences and her most important life lessons that have been carried out through her life.

Christmas Break at Grandma & Papa’s

My grandmother and I discussed our Christmas tradition of pizzelle making!

Story of a new family

Asking my mother about the way the family started

Howard Dunn and Joan Dunn

Howard Dunn (84) talks with Joan Dunn (60) about the various jobs he's had in his life. He describes working as a tour operator for his travel company, and taking his family on trips.

My sister’s progress (in life) up to this point

A conversational style interview as we reflect on some of the factors influencing my sisters life.

Kyle and Nancy talk about Nancys life

My grandmother Nancy Flanagan is being interviewed, we discuss her childhood, her career, and the present.

Building heathy friendships

In the end of this event, I have learned that not only is it hurtful to a relationship when you lie, but I also learned how build strong relationships that would blossom.

Conservation strategies

An interview with Greg about his work with USFWS and at Rocky Mountain Aresenal NWR.

Thomas Misiewicz: The Thanksgiving Birthday

We talked about her past and how she lived and wants her life to be.

Valda Levensteins and Marisa Howe
August 10, 2020 App Interview

Valda Levensteins (89) talks with her friend, Marisa Howe (50), about her childhood in Latvia before and during World War II. Valda recounts her time in a Displaced Persons Camp, coming to the US and working for the Latvian Freedom...

Cecil Durbin | His Faith Journey

Dad grew up catholic, wandered from the faith as a young adult, committed his life to Christ at a Lowell Lundstrom Crusade in Montana, and eventually came to understand God's love as expressed in John 3:16, "For God so loved...