Fran Young and Paul Young

Married couple, Fran Young (68) and Paul Young (72), recall stories and events that lead them to becoming international teachers, traveling to many countries, culture shocks, and navigating life in Springfield, Missouri after traveling abroad.

Niya Nyassa and Linda Joseph Byron

Niya Nyassa (23) speaks with her former teacher Linda Joseph Byron [no age given] about her story, learning to express herself, and her hopes for the future.

My sister’s life

I asked my sister about her past, how she grew up, and if she would change anything.

Life of a Refugee from the congo

We talked about my mother's past and how her views in America. She talked about how things were when she was growing up and how much she struggled until she got here in America.

Congo Stories from Ruth Metzel

My Grandma Ruth talks about her childhood experiences, church, love and life in Congo. Grandpa Bill also shares some anecdotes.

Barbara Brown and Helen Ens

One Small Step conversation partners Barbara Brown (79) and Helen Ens (77) discuss their similar experiences as Christian missionaries in Colombia, as well as their differing political views.

Emmanuel Eletere and Ebenezer Murengezi

Emmanuel Eletere [no age given] and his mentor, Ebenezer Murengezi (34), reflect on their experience as refugees in Kenya and the United States.

Aimee Zangandou, Beatrice Uwimpuhwe, and Beverly Bull

Mother and daughter Beatrice Uwimpuhwe (67) and Aimee Zangandou (39) relate to their friend Beverly Bull (69) the story of their escape from Rwanda in 1994 as the Rwandan Genocide began, their lives as refugees in other countries in Africa,...

Tami shares her life story with oldest son Caran.

Tami shares a lot of her life and even very personal things. From wedding mishaps to a death of a new born this interview jumps from funny to sad at different times. At 11:55 she tells the story of how...