How Lived Experience Has Impacted Healthy Transitions of Youth & Young Adults in Delaware

The importance of lived experience and peer support for youth and young adults with mental health challenges. Ending stigma and raising awareness in an effort to make mental health supports for youth and young adults more accessible.

Pamela Stewart, a LQTBQ member, being interviewed.

This interview is about Pamela Stewart who is 51 years old and is a Lesbian. Here she talks about the difficulties she went through when she was young and how it affected her life overall.

StoryCorps Connect Nov 19 2020 6:17 pm Haley Wagner and Siara Horne

Haley Wagner (20) talking with Siara Horne (18) about who has most influenced her life and then some questions about life during COVID-19

Genise Brown and enlightenment from the Financial Superhero Kyle Brown.

In this interview conducted on April 24, 2021, in Wilmington, DE, Genise Brown (31) interviews her cousin Kyle Brown (44) about his career as an accountant. Mr. Brown explains his profession to Ms. Brown and educates her on what occurs,...

Pamela Stewart, a LGBTQ+ member, being interviewed.

I interviewed Pamela Stewart, who is 51 years old and is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community. We discussed how her different lifestyle choices affected her life personally and professionally.

Interview with my mom

Asking my mom personal and goofy questions that I haven’t asked before.

Grandpa’s Childhood Part 1
November 25, 2017 App Interview

Ezra Vogel gave a summary of his early childhood in Delaware, Ohio

Finding Hope in What Seems Hopeless

In my interview with Miss Kim we talked about her life and how she got to being a lobbyist . We also talked about how the pandemic had affected her and her families lives and how it affected her job....

Kim Stock and Chris Stock: brother and sister

Kim Stock: 2021-04-14 00:24:00 A Younger sister and the 2021 DE Teacher of the year talks with her older brother about teaching and what it means to be a highly effective teacher... and learn about each other in the process

CNA's and Covid 19

A cna is interviewed both on her job and how it has changed due to covid 19. From learning about the daily routine of taking care of residents in a nursing home, to how limited ppe effects cna's ability to...

Family forever -mom

This is a story of my family who are so very special to me!

Kim Daniels and Sam McBean

Two classmates Kim (19) and Sam (18), ask each other a series of questions regarding Covid-19 and Work.

Kimberly Murphy and Alexis Polen

Alexis Polen (38) interviews her colleague Dr. Kimberly Murphy (44) about her working in the anti-trafficking field, her doctoral research, and Region 3's anti-trafficking efforts.