Family knows who you are and greatly impacts who you become

In this interview conducted on December first 2019 on a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Susana Carrillo (14) interviews her friend and father Luis Carrillo (49) about his family relationships and one of the biggest changes in his life....

Talking to My Dad

Talking about my dad’s experiences about coming to the U.S and his life in Ecuador.


Jose nacio en Ecuador y hoy es un ciudadano de los EE.UU.

Mr. Wilson Pesantez talks about growing up as a teenager, his grandparents, and offers advice to future generations.
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Mr. Pesantez talked about the valuable lessons that his grandmother taught as a child, and that he still practices to this day: respect towards everyone especially our elders. He goes on to talk about his wonderful experiences in his home...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen interview with Mrs. Maria A. Matthews

Mrs. Matthews told me about her family’s cultural heritage including interesting stories about her ancestors. She also gave her perspective on immigration.

My Grandparent’s Story

My grandparents and I talked about their journey coming here to America. We talked about if they felt proud of where they are now and if they feel that they are living up to the American Dream.

My Grandma’s Life Story

In this interview, my grandma talks about her young life in Ecuador and when she marries at the age of 18. She then starts her new life in the United States and begins her journey becoming a wife and a...

Interviewing My Grandfather

This interview was conducted in Virginia via Facstime. In this interview there was a series of questions asked in Spanish about my Grandfathers childhood and life leading up to marriage.

Christa Stern-Lubahn and Caroline Stern

Christa Stern-Lubahn (44) speaks with her mother Caroline Marie Stern (68) about their Christian medical/dental mission trips to countries such as Ecuador, Jamaica, Honduras, and Kazakhstan.

"Find joy in success"

I interview my mom, Stephanie Kirk, and ask her questions about her life in Salt Lake City. We talk about her career as an interior designer, some life lessons, and impactful experiences.

Project Interview with my mom

We mostly seemed to talk about the education and decisions my mom made in her life. Coming to America was a really big deal, and it changed our lives. Focusing on religion was also a big deal, as it made...

Linda Monterroso and Joey Hurtado

Linda Monterroso (36) talks with her boyfriend Joey Hurtado (37) about how they met, her origins in the Bronx, the life and death of her grandmother, memorable moments from her childhood, the struggles of her brother, and their future together.

Immigrating from Ecuador to the USA

I discussed my grandmother’s experience immigrating to America from Ecuador and how it has affected her.

Dad and daughter

How his family was like when he was a child. And many traditions celebrated in his homeland Ecuador.

UMD Activation Academy: Sentinel Swamp

She is very passionate about preversing the environment, both in community service with Scholars in Action and in her studies as an Environmental Science and Policy major. Her AP Environmental class in high school and her experience of one of...

Interview with Amparo Nader

Interview with Amparo Nader about her life in Quito, Ecuador as a teenager and then in the United States as an adult.

the power of support

My dad had a hard life trying to take care of family while pursuing his own dreams. Even without the support of close ones, he pushed through and made it to the U.S., achieving his goals and setting new ones...

Interview: My Mom

Here I interview my mother about her brief life in Ecuador and as that of an immigrant in the United States


Registrando algunos detalles de nosotras

The life of Katty

I’ve interviewed my mother and asked her about her life growing up in Ecuador. And I found more out about her life and journey to America.

A Look Back: “I can’t move on yet”

My step mother and I looked back at her life as a child and she told me how she didn’t have a mother figure growing up and how that impacted her life. She also talks about how she feels years...

De famila puma

We talked about how was her life as a child and her teenage years. She also talked about how animals should be treated just like we humans treats other humans