Patricia Perez and Norma Perez

Patricia Perez (61) speaks with her sister Norma Perez (51) about their family background, going to college, and starting her own business. The pair also talk about how important they are to each other.

Jose Contreras, Maria Angelica Contreras, and Karina Contreras

Karina Contreras (24) asks her parents, Jose A. Contreras (59) and Maria Angelica Contreras (54), about their love story and their lives as parents.

My dad and I

An interview between my dad and I. Asking him about his life.

Lauren Madrid & Becky Rodriguez

The struggles of being a gay woman and overcoming hateful experiences theough strength

An officers view of a DWI case

My name is Eduardo Galvan, I am interviewing my father, Andres Rodriguez, a police officer of the city police department, to gain a better idea of the issue of DWI as well as to understand his story as he was...

Unfairly deported to Mexico

In this interview, my stepdad talks about his experience getting arrested and unfairly deported to Mexico.

Women in Filmmaking

Angie Reza Tures talks about filmmaking and her experiences, along with the message and mission that Femme Frontera offers to young filmmakers especially women of color. She not only shares her vison as a storyteller in film but also what...

Health Discrepancies against the LGBTQ Comminity

This is amquick discussion over some issues that the LGBT co,unity has to endure when looking for health services. I (Cristian Armendariz) will be discussing this issues and health concerns along side Travis Crosban MD. We not only will talk...

Opa 11/30

A little talk with my grandfather about his life and his memories during Thanksgiving (the great listen 2019)

Angelina And Cata Thanksgiving 2018

My grandma and I discussed her childhood, the struggles she had throughout life. She told me about her teaching career and how she lived her life very happy.

Josefina Contreras and the ever shifting world of Televion

Camila Contreras: 2020-12-03 03:02:28 My mother and I discuss how television has changed from when she was a child. She talks about her experiences in mexico, as well as how different the united states was compared to her town in...

The Life of an African American Woman

My mother decided to conduct an interview, to give us the view of the life of an African American woman from her perspective.

The moments I have with you

My happy moments were with your Tia Dela.We were so close we never argued with each other .

Week 6 Workbook assignment: Alejandro Rivas

Talking 1 on 1 with a Program Assistant at McConnell hall about family, helping others, where he grew up, and what he wants to do in the future

Social and Gender Injustice

A very good friend and coworker of mine was approached by a customer who assumed that she would never amount to anything.

What don't we know about Trump's family separation policy?

In the Fall of 2017 -- about seven months before it was widely reported by the media -- a quiet pilot program began in El Paso to separate 'older' children from their parents at the Border. Once it became public,...

Rosa Martinez. Age 91. 2018. American.

I asked my grandmother about her experience with life as a young lady in the Diablo neighborhood in El Paso, TX. Please ignore some of the incorrect facts as her memory is fading. Thank you for listening.

Personal Experiences of Social Inequality – Media and Social Justice.

I interview my current professor from my Chicanos and Mexicans in the U.S course, Dr. Maria Cristina Morales. She has faced discrimination and prejudice and is also an advocate of using education as a way to fight against the social...

Immigration and Covid-19’s Impact

STAFF ATTORNEY at Capital Area Immigrants Rights Coalition, Caroline Raschbaum, discusses US immigration and the affect that COVID-19 is having on the children she works with.

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Termination of employment due to gender inequality in the workplace.

all choked up…Amy Stell and Larry Thompson

Amy Stell: 2020-06-25 21:21:01 Amy Stell (48) visits with her father, Larry Thompson (77) and briefly her mother, Ethwa Ann Thompson (75), about their El Paso connection, meeting mama, and advice for his grandchildren.