Felipe De Jesus Peralta and Felipe Peralta

Felipe De Jesus Peralta (78) speaks with his son, Felipe Peralta (46), about el Segundo Barrio, fatherhood, family, and gratitude.

Educational injustice in El Paso Tx

Educational injustice is still a real issue here in the U.S. and while many people choose to ignore it, the ones who are affected by it most are students who are not given the chance to speak up for themselves.

Two Communities of Love with Madeline Diaz and Juan Josue Martinez

Madeline and her friend Juan Josue talk about the LGBTQ+ Community and the Christian Church, and how these two often find themselves at odds. As a devout Christian who is Bisexual, Juan speaks to how difficult it can be to...

Alondra "Alo" Mendoza and Brianna Cooper

Friends Alondra “Alo” Mendoza (22) and Brianna Cooper (20) talk about their experiences, perspectives, and opinions on COVID-19, social media, concert culture, influencers, the fashion industry, weight, tattoos, and zombie noises.

Jacqueline Fierro and Gustavo De Los Rios

Friends Jacqueline "Jackie" Fierro (23) and Gustavo De Los Rios (25) discuss growing up on the border and what they've learned from their six months dancing together.

Virginia Fraire and Jacob Fraire

Virginia Fraire [no age given] and Jacob Fraire [no age given] discuss immigration to the United States, growing up in poverty, and the importance of education. Jacob and his family immigrated from Mexico to the United States, where they were...

A Journey Alongside My Father…

"I never thought our relationship of teacher and student would change". "The journey has been interesting".

Cynthia Peak Hoffmann and Terrin Hoffmann Gamboa

Cynthia Peak Hoffmann and Terrin Hoffmann Gamboa tell the story of the Peak family in El Paso, Texas, including the stories of John W. Peak and Grace Edith Peak (the owners of the first funeral home in El Paso) and...

Struggles within the LGBTQ and Adopted community.

We talk about her experience in these communities and how she feels about certain topics about being adopted and gay.

Charles Horak and Charles Horak

Charles “Chuck” Joseph Horak III (58) has a conversation with his father, Charles “Charlie” Joseph Horak Jr. (83), about their family tree and their family’s connections to El Paso and West Texas. They also talk about Charlie’s memories of the...

George Quinlan and Jose Ortez

Friends George Quinlan (59) and Jose Ortez (40) discuss Jose’s early childhood, his academic trajectory, and George's role as Jose’s basketball coach at Guillen Middle school in El Paso, Texas.

Dolores Duenez, Lora Holt, and Tony Duenez

Siblings Lora Holt (57) and Tony Duenez (53) interview their mother, Dolores Duenez (80), about her years growing up in El Paso, her time in California juggling college and motherhood, and the influence of creativity and the arts in their...

Gabrielle Regalado and Jasmine Cuevas and Activism in the C.A.R.E. Colaition

An interview with the secretary of the newly formed C.A.R.E. Coalition. In which we cover her personal experiences in Activism and the Founding of the organization.

Alison Westermann and David Westermann

Husband and wife David Westermann (42) and Alison Westermann (42) talk about parenthood and raising their children in El Paso, Texas. They also reflect on the value of diversity and learning from those different than themselves.

Momkat [No Name Given] and Everett Saucedo

Momkat [No Name Given] (81) speaks with her son, Everett Saucedo (48), about her childhood memories and family history.

Gretel Enck and Mario [No Name Given]

Gretel Enck (54) interviews her colleague Mario [No Name Given] (79) about his early life, his time in the military, and his role in the Blackwell School Alliance.

Interview With my Mother

Edward is 17, Gloria is 38, they are son and mother. They discuss mainly on her son and how the death of his brother affects some aspects of life.

Zbigniew Kruszewski and Gaspare Genna

Dr. Gaspare Matteo Genna (57) interviews his colleague Dr. Zbigniew Anthony “Tony” Kruszewski [no age given] about his memories and experiences living in Warsaw, Poland during World War II. They also talk about the Warsaw Uprising and Dr. Kruszewski's involvement...