Interview For World History 2017

I, Connor White, interviewed my dad, Tony White, while on the way home from Thanksgiving break about what his life was like in the past, present, and his thoughts on the future. These included his jobs, the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season,...

Hannah Merrill and her father, Greg Merrill, discuss his childhood and thoughts during the time of the pandemic.

In this interview, conducted in November 2021 in Flower Mound, Texas, Hannah Merrill (16), interviews her father Greg Merrill (44) on his childhood and his thoughts during the time of the pandemic. Mr. Merrill first answers as to if he...


Interview with Jenny Stockhausen for Mangini World History 10.

Thanksgiving Interview With My Dad

This is an interview with my dad on Thanksgiving about random question I thought were important to ask him.

My mom talks about her life and her job
November 29, 2021 App Interview

I (Jay) ask my mom (Mia) about her life and her experiences as a nurse. First, I ask her about an important lesson she learned in life, which is not trusting everything someone says and doing your own research about...

Thanks Giving Interview!

This interview is about my dads child hood to the current day decorating for Christmas!

Oral History Project: 1st Gulf War

Raúl Santos MD. discusses his experience enlisting in the Gulf War, the opportunities he was provided from his service, and the political impact of the war.

Humans of McKamy

We talked about important stuff in life and the mistakes.

Son and mother interview

I learned a lot of interesting things about my mothers childhood, some important people in her life, and some funny stories that I hadn’t heard before. This really helped me see my mom and take a deeper look at her...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Grandma

I interviewed my grandma and talked about her life an what it was like.

World History Oral History Project- Sean Cousins (interviewing Rick D. Cleland)

My grandfather is a man of few but powerful words. Especially with his diminishing health this is an excellent opportunity to talk to him and learn even the smallest details about him.

Pablo Aragon and his mother Luz Aragon talk about life lessons and skills Luz has learned.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flower Mound, Texas. Pablo Aragon (15) interviews his mom Luz Aragon (46) about what life lesson she has learned and how they have affected her. She reveals what parents truly care about...

StoryCorps Interview with Grandma

Today we discussed topics from my grandma's past. We reflected about major events in her life so far.

History Interview

The interview was about the past and how it has affected the future.

Oral History Project

We talked about his early childhood days and how things were different back then. He went on to say how much he cares about family and how things back then changed him for the better

interview project

i’m interviewing sandra casaras she teaches at highland village elementary the third grade. she goes to my church and we’ve known her for 8 or 9 years i chose her because she’s had an interesting life.

death of husband

We talked about the death of my grandma’s husband. We talked about how it affected her life, how it led to new experiences, and how it opened new doors and taught my grandma things she learned from his death.

Aunt Becky

We discussed her childhood and what it was like to watch the world evolve around her