My mother Rosalba talks about meeting my father in a third world country they once called home.

In this interview I interviewed my mom in Orange, CA. I asked her questions about how she came to be with my dad. I asked her about happy and difficult times and creating a relationship with him.

Entrevista Ana Lucía

Le guatan las mascotas y pasar tiempo en familia y amigos

The Life of an American Immigrant

This interview covers my mother's experiences as she immigrated to the United States, and the occurances she underwent while adapting to a new way of life.

Madeline Kellner and Clinton Kellner

Madeline Kellner (67) and Clinton "Clint" Kellner (67) share about their Peace Corps service in Guatemala and Peru and their evacuation from Peru because of COVID-19.

Tommy Timm and Jennifer Timm

Tommy Timm (76) talks with his daughter Jennifer Timm (44) about his long career in social activism and the various movements he has been a part of both in the United States and South America.

GTL 2018/CHS Kayajanian

interviewed my grandpa about his childhood and also his experience in the military back in his home country, Guatemala

Adventurous German American Woman traveling in Remote Southern Mexico in 1959

Travel in remote Mexico to visit the Lacandon Indians in the jungle of Chiapas with a young documentary film maker in 1959. Travels of 19 year old Brigitte Heberle Stehlik and Manhattan Montana hitchhiking

RosaMaría Henry and Patricia Gibson

Friends RosaMaría Henry (73) and Patricia "Patty" Gibson (70) reflect on their Latin roots and remember meeting through work. They talk about their friendship, moments when they have supported each other, and their shared sense of civic duty to create...

My papa interview

We mostly talked about what he thinks about me and the family.

Entrevista Marianne

Hablamos de lo que a ella le gusta hacer, sus hobbies y lo que le apasiona

Bonnie Rosenberg, Sanford Sherizen, and Eunice Cho

Partners Sanford "Sandy" Sherizen (80) and Bonnie Rosenberg (77) share a conversation with their new friend, Eunice Cho (32). They reflect on their work, the things that bring them joy, and the future.

Entrevista Mariela Ruwet

Está agradecida por su vida, quiere que la recuerden como una persona que hizo algo grande y bueno y no se arrepiente de nada

I grew up in Guatemala and things were very rough

Jessica Medina asks her father, Israel, about his life growing up in Guatemala. Israel Medina shares some of his childhood memories and advice for future generations.

Crystal Lafontaine and Hugo Rene Alvarado Palomo

Crystal LaFontaine (24) and her boyfriend Hugo Alvarado (54) discuss their respective backgrounds and histories with drug addiction, their memories of living together in the Five Points neighborhood of Detroit, their experiences overcoming addiction, and their new home together in...

Daniel Kelin, Ruth Kelin, Deborah Smith, and Daniel Kelin

Daniel Kelin Jr. interviews his father, mother and sister about family dynamics and siblings not present in the interview

Veronica Fischmann and Yakov Pechersky Reflect on the COVID-19 Pandemic, Among Other Things.

Veronica Fischmann (32) and Yakov Pechersky (28) talk about treasured childhood memories, the ways in which their lives shaped their reactions to the global pandemic (especially Yakov, whose family is from Russia), the ways the pandemic may shape their lives...