Pat McGill’s Story

Some of Pat’s many life experiences and viewpoints.

BoiseSpeaks: "We were always under surveillance."

Ethyl Furuya Minnis tells of her experience growing up in California and staying under surveillance in Japan as a Japanese-American during WWII.

Insight to a Different Life

The movie Crazy Rish Asians doesn’t accurately portray actual Asian life. Karoline went to China in 2nd grade and learned wealth is not always measured in money like portrayed in the the movie but in experiences, family etc.

Of Spiders and Finches

In this interview, my mother shared some of her favourite memories of her as a child, as well as when I was growing up. Our childhoods really do shape us.

Self Discovery

This interview talks about self-identity and discovering what that means to us. As well as sexuality and things that aren’t what society would consider the “norm.”

Ron Walker, interviewed by his grandson Max Kendall, recalls his years at Outlet Bay and changes in fishing at Priest Lake.

Max Kendall interviewed his grandfather Ron Walker, a fierce advocate of the Outlet. Ron shared his fishing adventures dating back to when he could rent a cabin for the whole season at Elkins for $500. He lamented decisions that transformed...

Sarah Shoquist interviews her dad Tom Weitz about their family’s history at Priest Lake

Tom Weitz came to Priest Lake the first time on a family vacation at age 12 in 1958 with the Sayles family from Pullman. They rented cabin 28 at the Luby Bay Resort that the Hill family had recently bought....

Interview with Richard

Richard talked about some of the lessons that he had learned over his life. He also talked about lessons that he would pass down to future generations.

The Teacher

This is an interview of Marie Sasser done by her Grandaughter, myself, Clara William where we discuss growing up in a small town and her life as a teacher in a much larger town.