Interview with Sarah Romeo

In this interview, Sarah and I discussed a couple things about her sister, Lauren, who passed away in January of 2020, when she was only 17.

From My Mother’s Point Of View

The voice behind my passion...My Mother!!! I took a couple of minutes to ask her questions she's never been asked. It was interesting to hear her thoughts and perspective! Time I'll never get back but truly appreciated.

A small part of Tori’s life.

Tori will complete a dental assistant certification May 2021. She discusses her future, happy memories, and people who influenced her in her journey.


We spoke about how I was as a child and as a teenager, also about what kind of life he's wants for me.

Part 1- Sophia Interviews her dad, Russell Bauserman

December 10th, 2017, Sophia Bauserman Interviews her dad, Russell Bauserman in Ashburn, Virginia. He is asked questions about his favorite memories of the past. Some questions are answered about his teen years and some are answered about his childhood. His...

Dave Overholt and Allison Schuette

Allison Schuette (45) interviews Dave Overholt (73) about the life he made in Kouts, Indiana after he decided to move there in the 1960s with his wife. He describes how farming and other industries have changed as the area's residents...

Jessica Surufka and her Aunt’s best friend, Patty Clancy, talk about Patty’s career as a high school math teacher.

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2023 in Highland, Indiana, Jessica Surufka (15) interviews her Aunt's best friend, Patty Clancy (59), about her career as a high school math teacher. Mrs. Clancy shares stories, both good and bad, about...

Tim Maniscalo, Life in the 1960s

Tim Maniscalo (born 1955) discusses his life in the 1960s, particularly memories of the Vietnam War and the assassinations of JFK, MLK Jr. and Bobby Kennedy.

Tiffany Bolin Domestic Violence Interview

A story about a woman who didn’t know how strong she was until she had to be. A story of survival.

U.S history

I talked to my mom about meeting my dad and becoming a parent.

Alexia Dukes and Maria Rivera

Alexia Dukes (25) and her mentor, Maria Rivera (47), talk about their work as high school teachers, how the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted their work and their students' lives, and their hopes for the next school year.

Life lessons with Mimi

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Fishers, Indiana, Stuart Nicholas (18) interviews his mother Amy Nicholas (21) ;) about her legacy and past experiences and memories. Amy shares stories about her old job, and the day she met...

Getting to know you better

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Churubusco, Indiana, Carson Forrester (16) interviews his father's girlfriend Cindy Cottrell (53) about her life to get to know her better. The purpose of getting to know someone better is so you...

US Steel: Pickle Department

My grandmother, Nancy Pena, recalls her time working at US Steel in Gary, IN.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my dad, Mike Taylor

For a project at school (speech class), I had to interview one person. This will be the first interview of many as I try to figure more out about my family.

The Interview

My mom was a good child and the best thing that happened to her was us. (The kids)

My mother and I

I was asking a series of question to my mom and she was answering them

History of my dad, Dave Klemz

In this interview my dad and I talked about his family history, as well as how his own upbringings changed and shaped him into the person he is today.