Helen Houlton and Jennifer Gerstorff

Jennifer Gerstorff (28) asks her grandmother Helen Marjadeen Houlton (88) about her life growing up and about her husband Louis, who passed away from cancer.

Julie and Greg Allen

Greg and Julie talk about family, faith, and growing up in a wonderful home.

Phares O’Daffer and Sara Marberry

Phares O'Daffer (87) talks to his daughter, Sara Marberry (61), about growing up on a farm in Illinois, his teaching and writing career, caring for his late wife, and why the phrase, "Boots full of fish" describes him so well.

Let’s grow in the change we wish to see!

We discussed our family, love, and how my husband became the man he is today!

“I look back now and can see the positive that came from going to church each day.” – Josh Williams on his life, religion, and politics

Josh talks about growing up in Richmond, his family, belonging to a Pentecostal church, living with cerebral palsy, his interest/involvement in politics, and what we would like to see happen in Richmond to support his fellow citizens.

Kathleen McConahay and Mark McConahay

Kathleen McConahay (61) recounts to her husband, Mark McConahay (62) what she found after entering her long deceased Grandpa Bob's house and how the artifacts she discovered allowed her to get to know aspects of her mother she had never...

Human right to adequate housing

When Andrea De Mink recognized the lack of adequate housing in Indianapolis it led to the creation of an organization called PourHouse.


I interviewed my grandma who was born and raised Alexandria, Indiana. We talked about her childhood and being raised around the lake. Being the first house on the block to have a Tv.

Grandma and I reminiscing.

Grandma and I talking about her childhood memories and life with grandpa.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I(Grayson) interviewed my Mimi(Madeline) about her favorite memories and her past life.

Interview with Dr. Sumeet Bhatia

My dad, Dr. Sumeet Bhatia, came to the United States in 1995. This is an interview that shows a brief story of his perspective on the United States and the opportunities it has provided for him.

Part 2- Sophia Interviews her dad, Russell Bauserman

December 10th, 2017, Sophia Bauserman Interviews her dad, Russell Bauserman in Ashburn, Virginia. He is asked questions about his favorite memories of the past. Some questions are answered about his teen years and some are answered about his childhood. His...

Alice & Ryan

Ryan and his grandma speak about life and religion and family.