To truly learn what adversity is

Simran Pravin has only heard bits and pieces of her father’s stories from way back when he immigrated to the United States, but she never understood her father’s feelings towards it all. So for the #GreatListen2019 Simran sat down with...

Ramesh Patil – Childhood and Schooling in India

Ramesh Patil (69) talks with his son, Akshay (39) about growing up in Jamshedpur, India and studying Electronics at IIT Kharagpur

Great Thanksgiving Listen “Your happiness is not measured by the size of your wallet but by what you contribute to the society. “

I am very thankful for my grandpa. Learned about my ancestry from him. Also, learnt about his profession, aspirations and what matters to him in his life. Got a sneak peek into my mother’s past. I have a lot to...

Interview with my Father about the 1994 Surat Plague

Rachana talks to her father about fleeing a city infected with a deadly disease and what he did, felt, and took away from the experience

Elina and her Mom talk about family, regrets, and religion

The pair talks about the interesting lives of their grandparents/great grandparents, regrets as a teenager, career choices, and having religious experiences.

From farm school to India: the making of an art historian

A conversation with my father about how he became a world-renowned historian of Indian Art, after a childhood in Chicago suburbs and never leaving the country before college.

Top Religious and Spiritual Places to Visit in North India

1) Dharamsala Dharamshala is situated at Kangra at India. There are several people have the dream for this place and some like to visit once in every year for mentally relaxment. This place is well developed place which is very...

Interviewing my mom

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in York, Pennsylvania. I interview my mom Ayesha Yahya (35) about her childhood and family traditions. She shares her memories traveling to Saudi Arabia and India. She talks about her favorite hobbies and...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my mother some questions about herself and some events/people which have impacted her greatly.

Talking with dad

This interview is about how my dad and his family immigrated to the United States of America.

Hanging out with Grandpa

This interview was about my grandpa and his family heritage and a little bit about his life.

Sarayu kolli’s interview with her mom

This interview took place at my home, on April 11,2021.In this interview I asked my mom questions about her childhood and experiences in life that led her to where she is today.

Interview with dad

In this interview my dad talks about farming from his childhood. He was born in Andhra Pradesh, India and farmed with his family in the early part of his life. He talks how different agriculture was back then and how...

Being a LDS in India

Vikram was born in India within the LDS faith. He talks about the struggles of being a religious minority and his transition to BYUH where he is now surrounded by others of the same faith everyday.

My Dad: an Unknown American

Gopal Sagar immigrated from India to the United States in 2001 and settled down in the Silicon Valley. He talks about growing up a small rural town, his experiences immigrating to a new country, the cultural differences between America and...

Life in the US

The interview was about how life was in India and America for my brother and the differences between the two.

The Necessary Transitions

On November 24th, 2017, in Sherman Oaks, California, fourteen year old Gehna Chugani interviewed her grandmother, Chitra Chugani about her close knit family, her childhood, and her move from Pakistan to India to the U.S.A. The happy memories from when...