Om’s ELA interview

I talked with my father about his young life growing up in India. He shared many experiences with me about his childhood and we had a great time talking to each other. From this interview, I learned a lot about...

Dadiammi’s recipes

My Dadiammi’s recipes from the region of Hyderabad, India.

Himabindu Poroori and Brett Swinney

Brett Swinney (35) interviews his colleague Himabindu Poroori (23) at Chicago Artist Resource about her artistic practice.

Bachi Bilimoria

Bachi's experience growing up in India and immigrating to the United States

Brothers in a distant land (Part 1)

Two men share a love that grew thousands of miles from where they were born as brothers. There’s was grown out of a sense of responsibility, purpose and perseverance.

Shivam Kalra interviews his Mom Rajni Kalra about her childhood and her happy moments

In this interview on Nov, 17 2018 and I interviewed my mom and she talked about her childhood. And her special moments in her life and at the end she talks about my childhood and how I was like.

My Dad

This interview discussed my fathers life and how he came to this country. He discussed his up bringing and how education changed his beliefs and struggles throughout the process.

Teja Moves to America

We discuss what it’s like to move to the states and what connects folks from different cultures.

Nani ji moving to India and her experience with Operation Blue Star
May 21, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, Nani ji (grandmother from mom’s side) talked about her experience of moving to India at a young age, how her parents’ death effected her, and the effects of Operation Blue Star on her. This interview was conducted...

Paul Wilkes and Tracy Wilkes

Spouses Paul Wilkes (83) and Tracy Wilkes (69) share a conversation about approaching their fortieth wedding anniversary, the early days of their relationship, and the adventure they have been on together ever since.

Interview with Grandpa

We talked about his heart attack’s and how him, my grandma, and my sister were feeling. We also talked about his childhood and what it was like growing up. He talked about his career and how he felt when he...

Bhargav Montukuri & Sr. Lorraine Delaney

Bhargav shares with the story of his Hindu faith with Sr. Lorraine. Bhargav, talks about, Mandala, the 41-day period of fasting and prayer to transform human to god, to show love to the Lord Ayyappa. During this time the devotees...

Rajasri Raghunathan & Sr. Lorraine Delaney

Rajasri shares important tenants of her Tamil culture and Hindu faith. She also goes in to great detail of one of her favorite ritual of the female goddess Lakshmi and its meaning to her and her family. Lakshmi is one...

The Indian-American Dream

In this interview, I (19) spoke to my parents Deepak Mathur (55) and Shailja Mathur (51) about their childhood, journey to America, and life since then.

Interview with Dad about Coming to America

Talked to my father about his journey of being born in India and immigrating to America, filled with humorous accounts and memories.


I had the privilege of interviewing my grandmother and she was telling me about life as a doctor, her children, and stories about Kuggu(nickname I gave my grandfather.

Agriculture in India – Interview of Sanjeev Luthra

In this interview, Sanjeev Luthra discusses the food culture in India as well as issues regarding India’s fresh produce.

Yash interview

An account of a Glaucoma patient’s experience with the disease and how he fights to eradicate it.

Manal Vakil Interview Part 1

Manal Vakil, a childhood friend, talks about the identity crisis that comes with being the children of immigrants. She talks about how her life and the world has changed in the last few months, and what these changes mean for...