Joseph Fitzgerald & Lizzie Farrell

Joseph Fitzgerald was the founder of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition at Riley Children’s Hospital Indiana university health.

Steve Desroches and Kristen Becker

Steve Desroches (47) and Kristen Becker (45) discuss Becker's career as a stand up comic including touring the South with Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, as well as her childhood spent in both the North...

Grammi and Me

This is a recording about grammi and the chance for me to ask her personal questions!


What was talked about was about my mothers life, her childhood. And about what her life turned into.

Darlene on her life of adventure: "I saw everything for him."

Alison and Darlene talk about her childhood, marriage, family, and her retirement years after her husband's sudden passing. Darlene has traveled to 70 countries and all seven continents, many while giving back through charity work.

Karen Hanson and Michelle Wilkinson

Michelle (32) interviews her mother Jill (65) about her life before and after Michelle was born. Jill talks about growing up in Indianapolis, IN and how she spent time out on a farm in rural Indiana.

My Roomate with OCD

Asking my roommate about her time with ocd and being roomies with someone who definitely doesn’t have ocd all while she eats pb&j. Also we’re brand new to this app and terrible with technology so...

A Mother’s Love

We talked about the relationship between a mother and her beautiful child. We talked about how important each of us are to one another.

Julia Whitworth Interview
November 22, 2022 App Interview

Gregory Whitworth-Neufeld, 14, from Indianapolis, IN, interviews his mom, the Rev Julia Whitworth, about Civic Engagement.

Enid Roberts MD and Alexis Roberts McMillan

Sisters Alexis Roberts McMillan [no age given] and Enid Roberts MD [no age given] talk about how growing up alongside Florida A&M University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as with their family’s pharmacy, Economy Drug Store, impacted...

Interviewing my mother (in Mandarin) ft. Jack the dog

I ask my mother about growing up in China, family, life lessons and struggles, and, of course, about dogs.

Yvonne Zinkin, 96

Growing up in Ashland, Pennsylvania in the 1920s and serving as a nurse in WW2

Shelby Higgins and Gabriel Sotres 8 years together

Looking back and reflecting on a childhood and bright moments of the girl whom I’ve dated for nearly 8 years.

From My Mother’s Point Of View

The voice behind my passion...My Mother!!! I took a couple of minutes to ask her questions she's never been asked. It was interesting to hear her thoughts and perspective! Time I'll never get back but truly appreciated.