My lovely mom

The best lesson you can get from this interview is to be yourself and embrace being different be a proud forigher

Mary Demski and Karen Demski

Karen Demski (39) interviews her mother Mary Demski (70) on her relationship with her parents, meeting her husband, and moving to Florida.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Sharon Landers

We talked about Sharons life as a child, where she grew up, and who her role models were. We also discussed where she believed our ancestors came from.

Memories of the Berea College Candy Kitchen and Bakery

My parents talk about their memories of working at and enjoying the products of the Berea College Bakery and Candy Kitchen

S01: Ep6: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Shannon Smith, a candidate for City Commission in Covington, Ky., in November 2018

The bond between player and coach can mean the difference between winning and losing. Still, the best coaches understand that the greatest achievements happen when you’re doing your absolute best, no matter the final score. Welcome you to the sixth...

My father’s life as Babe

My dad had a pretty good childhood he did some crazy things but I mean everyone does, he had a good family and even to this day are happily all still alive and well. He had a life just as...

The Parker’s Great Thanksgiving Listen

In my interview we talked about my grandfathers early life and what it was like growing up. We also talked about getting married to my grandmother and things future generations of our family should know.

Growing Up

In this interview, we discussed childhood memories and family dynamics.

Children and Music and Advice, Oh my!

My dad talked about growing up and how I acted when I was little. He gave advice about raising children and going back to college. My brother also decided to join in once in a while.

Hans Riziki

Coming from Moshi, Tanzania, Hanz Riziki talks about the challenges he faced regarding his education, and his pursuit of a new life.

The Life Of Debra Morton

In this interview you will hear the story of a beautiful and caring lady, who always sought out the best in everyone.

The Story of My Grandpa

When and where he was born and what most of his childhood was like. I asked about his time he served in the military and all the jobs he had worked.

Jessica Lasser and Marcia Roth

Jessica Lasser (42) interviews her mother, Marcia Roth (74), about her work advocating for women around issues of domestic violence and her experience as a working mom.

Grandpa Klatte

Aspen and Takoda came up with several questions to ask their grandfather.