My lovely mom

The best lesson you can get from this interview is to be yourself and embrace being different be a proud forigher


I talk to mother about her life growing up and becoming a mother and the experiences she has learned from it.

Growing up in two different countries

I’n this interview two girls share their stories about growing up in Guatemala and Puerto Rico and then later in life both of the girls ended up moving to the US.

Story time with Layla

Just a little look into Layla’s life as a child.

Interview with Kelly Stopher

Politics and religion were the majority of my questions, I asked those questions because I wanted to see how those things differed from the generation now to the generation before.

Visiting Family in the Appalachians

This is an interview of my mom about her childhood visits to her aunt and grandparents in the Kentucky Appalachians.

Interviewing My Mom : Laura Gordon

Even though I’m close to my mom, we never really talked about her past, regrets, etc. So, today I decided to change that asked her about her childhood, her hopes, her life.

S01: Ep07: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Connie Grubbs, candidate for Campbell Co., Ky., Commission in November 2018.

Behind the curtains, beyond the stage, all successful productions depend on workers you never see—unless they make a mistake. Welcome you to the seventh installment of A Picture’s Worth: Running for our Future. In this Episode, we meet Connie Grubbs,...

S01: Ep6: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Shannon Smith, a candidate for City Commission in Covington, Ky., in November 2018

The bond between player and coach can mean the difference between winning and losing. Still, the best coaches understand that the greatest achievements happen when you’re doing your absolute best, no matter the final score. Welcome you to the sixth...

Super puppy and the amazing interview

An interview with Dolores and Oscar. For the time ever publicly announcing super puppy!

Memories of the Berea College Candy Kitchen and Bakery

My parents talk about their memories of working at and enjoying the products of the Berea College Bakery and Candy Kitchen

Wilson Lohrer’s Wise Words

A quick interview on Wilson Lohrer to get a look into his life now, in the past, and in the future. Gives a glimpse on his thoughts and feelings to get to know him better