Interview with the old folks

This is a brief interview with my maternal grandparents, conducted 30 November 2019 in Laredo, TX. Johnny and Yolanda Villarreal reminisce on days gone by, their regrets, influences, and spread their wisdom onto younger generations. It was a bit of...


I interviewed my mom and we discussed a variety of questions.

Good old days interview

This interview is about someone who lived in the “good old days” and what their life was like when they were younger

Mr. Guzman and his life experiences with socioeconomics and social status.

Mr. Guzman talks about living in different parts of the country. From Laredo, Dallas, and Kansas City. His development as a young adult affected by socioeconomics, and how his family progressed through social status.

Mark C Bird and Ron Bird

Mark C Bird (62) and his father, Ron Bird (85), share a conversation about Ron’s varied career path, including making pizza, serving in the Air Force Reserve, and serving as a Texas legislator. They also discuss Ron's early years and...

Stephanie Sanchez and John Juan Sanchez

John Juan Sanchez (70) speaks with his daughter Stephanie Sanchez (41) about his family history and upbringing in Mexico and the U.S.


Ricardo moreno was interviewed and asked questions about his personal encounters with intercultural discrimination against skin color.

Oral History Interview

What role his mother played in his life. And how religion has shaped and molded him into the individual he is today

Charles Enriquez and Caroline Enriquez

Spouses, Charles Enriquez (46) and Caroline Enriquez (46), celebrate their wedding anniversary by reflecting on their personal history, children, work, and partnership.

Gloria Salinas Oatman and Manuela Velasquez

New friends Gloria Salinas Oatman [no age given] and Manuela Velasquez (23) discuss Gloria's childhood, her connection to Earth, and her accomplishments in life. Gloria also talks about the importance of food, health, and healing.

Victoria Shaw and Oscar Martinez

Colleagues Victoria Shaw (52) and Oscar Martinez (62) discuss Oscar's military service in the Air Force, his time as a narcotics police officer, and his childhood memories of growing up in Texas.

A conversation with a friend

I interview my good friend about his life, we discuss immigration from Monterrey, NL to Laredo,TX and how that impacted his life. Mexican culture regarding family and friendship. Growing up between Mexico and Texas, living on the border.

Motivation and Self Esteem in High School

I interviewed my sister on her experiences in an early college program and the effects of academic competition on her personality.

Papa Mon

My grandfather and I talked about how he met my grandmother, his teenage years, religion and spirituality, and what he wants to leave behind.

Interview 1

I speak with my grandfather about his past and his greatest memories.

Elma Nieto-Rodriguez and Jim Jimenez

Colleagues Elma Nieto-Rodriguez [no age given] and Jim Jimenez [no age given] discuss their paths to becoming librarians. The two have been colleagues for nearly 20 years and reflect on the future of libraries.

interviewing my mom

Javier Vallina (17) interviews his mom Yolanda Vallina (53) about her childhood in San Diego California and Laredo Texas, along with her pathway to adapted physical education.

La Banda del Animo

I spoke with Mr. A on the legacy of the Martin High School Marching Band of the lates 1970s and early 1980s. The pride, rivalries, and traditions that were instilled through music to Martin High School, Laredo, South Texas, and...

“All I want is to see my family together again”.

Claudia is a young Mexicanamerican woman who, with his husband, seeks to prove her American citizenship to resolve his immigration status.