Do you know why you are here?

Johnny McMurry interviews his Aunt Tammy who is a spiritual warrior. she has let a very spiritual life and has passed things on to her nephew!

Anter Abdallah and Sherri Nash

Spouses Anter Abdallah (31) and Sherri Nash (40) share the story of how they met, debating the question of whether they were brought together by divine intervention or coincidence.

Interview with Mom

My name is Gray Payne, I’m 26 years old from Denham Springs, Louisiana. Tonight, I interviewed my mother, Joann Payne who is 53! We talk about some important moments in her life, and go over her relationships with family and...

Betty Herringshaw, Linda Lander, Becca Brubaker

Betty Herringshaw (86) talks with her daughter, Linda Lander (64) and granddaughter, Becca Brubaker (26) about her life

Cindy Treme, Robert Treme, and Megan Cross

Cindy Treme (69) and Robert Treme (70) talk with their daughter Megan Cross (37) about how they met and their fifty years of marriage.

Taylor Reed Boes and Jordan Everything Stanton

Fiancées, Jordan Everything Stanton (30) and Taylor Reed Boes (31), sit down for a conversation about their relationship, their experiences coming out as trans women, and Jordan's loved ones who have passed away.

Dolores Sheff and Nancy Jones

One Small Step conversation partners Dolores Sheff (63) and Nancy Jones (70) discuss voting for different parties, but sharing many common interests and opinions around being compassionate towards others, education, money in politics, abortion, gun control, anti-depressants and joy.

The interview of Emily Adams

Two sisters sit down and speak about life, goals, and their affection for one another.

Allan Smith and Tim Murphy

One Small Step conversation partners Allan "Dale" Smith (63) and Tim Murphy (30) discuss their upbringing, transformative experiences that have informed their politics, and their "core issues."

Muted by Despair but Unloyal to Illusions

Fredrick Mitchell was born into a time of gray mists and steady rain. At the age of 5 living in Biloxi Mississippi, things started to get seized from him. First the rights of school were taken from him, then his...

Curtis Reliford and Christy Hightower

Curtis Reliford talks about overcoming racism and serious adversity to find and fulfill his life's purpose which is helping those who are experiencing hard times: hurricane Katrina victims and the Navajo and Hopi people. Curtis describes how he follows his...

A Conversation with Shirley Molligan Laque

This is an interview conducted by Elizabeth Rizzo Lord of her grandmother, Shirley Molligan Laque, with her mother, Judy Laque Rizzo. The interview took place right before Shirley’s 90th birthday. As a random side note, we are all three left...