Mike Younis and Eneida Laffont talk about Ms. Laffont’s life and about leaving Cuba to the United States.

In this interview, conducted on November 23, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mike Younis(18) interviews his grandmother, Eneida Laffont (93), about her life, including her childhood, her work life and marriage, and her experience leaving Cuba due to communism. She...

Thoughts from an Air Force Vetran

In Blanchard, Louisiana 16 year old Isabelle sits down with her grandfather to discuss his time in the Air Force and the way his experiences shaped his life. He talks a little bit about his childhood influences and his life...

Oral History Interview

This interview with my grandmother helped me see how life was for her and how it might have been for other in the south

Grandma’s Interview

My grandma and I spoke about her childhood, her fondest memories, and what she wishes for me and my children.

Growing Up – Paul
November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, Paul and I talk about his life growing up including his feelings toward his family and school.

Rachel Leong interviews her mother, Tammy Leong, on what life was like growing up.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Rachel Leong interviews her mom Tammy Leong about her life experiences growing up. She shares stories about where she lived, her inspirations, battling Leukemia as a teenager, 9/11, and...

The Workplace

We talked about the different steps that Mr. Aaron had to take to get to where he is today.

My Grandpa

I loved hearing about his past and things I did not know about him before I interviewed him. He is my biggest role model so I love to listen to his stories.

My Mimi’s Life

My grandma, Diane Captain, looks back at her early life and the Civil Rights Movement. She compares her generation’s macho to the current one’s social media craze.

Cate Nolan interviewing her nana Gaye Caldwell about her life.

In this interview, located in San Diego, California, Cate Nolan interviewed her nana Gaye Caldwell about her life. Gaye shares about her childhood, her teenage years, her religion, and her family.

How has life defined you?

This is a quick interview with my husband about his life experiences that help shape who he is today.

The Creole Story

I, with some help from my mom, interview my grandmother about her life. My 88-year-old grandmother has moderate dementia and is very hard of hearing. It was very difficult, but she loved participating and gave me a beautiful story.

The Transplanted Creole Jedi….

From military dependent to supporter of the rebellion’s Luke Skywalker to survivor of life itself…. Listen to John Highland’s reflection on his journey of self-realization…..

Curtis Reliford and Christy Hightower
November 6, 2016 App Interview

Curtis Reliford talks about overcoming racism and serious adversity to find and fulfill his life’s purpose which is helping those who are experiencing hard times: hurricane Katrina victims and the Navajo and Hopi people. Curtis describes how he follows his...


I interviewed my friend Matt about his life with his siblings and transitional stage from Louisiana to New Jersey

Freshman tutoring

In this interview with Tangelia Thomas, we discover what has contributed to her failing freshman year. As we explore her thoughts, we learn knew characteristics and personality traits about her. She has overcome many struggles, but eventually fought through it....