Anthony Lee Chee Choong and Kevin Pokorny

Anthony Gerard Lee Chee Choong (39) tells his friend, Kevin Pokorny (64), about the road to obtaining his naturalized citizenship in the United States and about the decisions, life events, and road blocks along the way.


My interview was with Irene Swanberg, my aunt. “When I was growing up in Malaysia (its a multicultural country, just like the United States) I guess I was just raised like any teenager.” Irene was born in Malaysia and moved...

Jade Nguyen and Runnei Mawi

Jade Nguyen (21) and her friend Runnei Mawi (21) share their childhood memories of growing up in Vietnam and Burma, respectively, their first impressions of the United States, and how they've grown accustomed to their new lives.

Bangsar late 70s and early 80s. A Sikh centric view.

Malaysia through the eyes of a sixty year old Sikh man. PART 1. (My first interview on story corps) I caught my father telling me a story about his time in Bangsar and I capitalised and interviewed him about it...

Interviews for GE 14 with my mum

I have record the interview with my mum about her experience and feeling

Thu Pham and Tran Le

Thu Pham (59) and daughter Tran Le (34) reflect on their memories of Vietnam, leaving the country, and their early life in the US.

Thanksgiving Interview

Erik Monson gets interviewed about his childhood and his experiences moving around due to his father’s job as an information officer

The differences by using past broadcast media and modern broadcast media in GE14

This interview had show out the differences by using past broadcast media and using modern broadcast media in GE14.

Interview with a Hawker in Petaling Street.

During the tour trip to Petaling Street, I have interviewed Madam Chong, a hawker who has been selling traditional kaya roll for 6 years in Petaling Street.

My interview with my mother about the experience for Malaysia General Election (GE14).

This is an interview with my mother.The interview will discuss about her experience in the malaysia general election for the pass 25years and also her opinion about the diffrences between the mainstream broadcast compare to broadcast media.

Boppity Bunny

Reflections on life and childhood from two Malaysians.

A Tale of a Beloved Great-Grandmother

In this interview, I(13) am interviewing Esther Ang(77), my grandma on November 23, 2018. We are talking about her mother, and her accomplishments in her life before she died at the age of 101. Esther shares stories of how her...

GE-14 interview

Had an interview with my mom about the GE-14

GE14 Interview

An interview talking about the Malaysian broadcast media and General Elections 14

Dancing to Prince

Everyone Alex Head meets wonders about his British accent, it's the first thing they notice. Yet who would have thought a British born, American citizen with two kids would end up spending a large portion of his life in Asia?...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Podcast
November 27, 2017 App Interview

My dad talks about his life and struggles before and during the Vietnam War up to his escape and adjustment to life here in the US... plus how he met and eventually married my mom. Stories of tense sail-boating trips,...