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Sarah Gibson and Humberto Perdomo

Humberto Perdomo (74) speaks with his daughter Sarah Gibson (29) about his life growing up in Columbia and his coming to United States.

About our Life

Question about her life. For example what is the most important day in her life or the bad.

Jay Horowitz and Michael Berke

Jay Horowitz (73) speaks to his good friend Michael Berke (55) about his family history in the toy industry and refusing his father’s job offer before starting his own business, Juguetes ToyCo, in Colombia.

Interview with Alejandro Ochoa

Alejandro talks about his upbringing in Colombia.

Freshman Success Assignment

We talked about his life and what obstacles he went through like losing his parents affected him. Also what advice or lessons he has learned and what he feels about me and what he wants me to become in the...