The Most Important Moments In Life

In this interview, Evelyn, my grandmother, talked about her childhood memories and how she learned how to use her patience. The one thing she said was “never ever step down.” This phrase means you can be anything you want to...

Riley Norman talking with his mom Missy Callahan talking about early life and childhood experiences.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview on November 26th, 2017 my mom and I talked about her early life, her family, traditions, and jobs. Also how her childhood formed and changed who she is as an adult.


She told me stories of her parents and my parents.

Understanding culture in the WELS

We talked about racial profiling in general and how it is different in the WELS

The life of Alicia

This is me Kenia, interviewing my aunt about her life in Mexico and childhood. There's many silence blocks but in the end I found about things I never knew about her life.

Anita Otteson career

Anita Otteson is the owner/creator of Anita Otteson Designs, where she makes hand made jewlely. This is a brief discussion of her career.

Lisa (Mom) Marie Curella Dunn

A dialogue between my mother and I discussing about her early family life and her desires for me.

Interview with my grandmother, Grammy.

Today is November 23, 2017 in Andover, Minnesota. I am Lindsey Green, my grandmother is Nancy Falls I start off with asking my grandmother questions about what she is grateful for, and about her childhood. She shares so many interesting...

Feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic:

Letzy Suquilanda (14) talks with her little sister, Kady Suquilanda (13) and asks her questions of how she is reacting and feeling throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.

“Life is good, enjoy it”

This interview is with my grandmother explaining how life was for her growing up

COVID-19 Conversation

Noelle and Alex discuss how the current pandemic of COVID-19 has affected our lives personally and our world.

Curating the Quarantine

Diving into how the Coronavirus has affected the community through the lenses of Seth Paradis.


we talked about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting our lives and others.

Ed Flahavan

A brief look at the three lives of a social justice activist, former priest and ex-communicated Catholic. My grand uncle, Ed Flahavan, reflects on his formative years, spirituality, and family.

Thanksgiving Interview

Life questions and who influenced her life

“I use to put snakes in my neighbors mail boxes.”

The childhood of my grandma Pat, and what she did growing up. Along with the silly stories, and memories of her family. Grace Johnson (15yrs) & Patrica Pero (70yrs). November 15th, 2017.