The Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Mom

I interviewed my mother about her past and her intentions for her kids in the future.

Dorothy Perovich talks about growing up in New Jersey.

During this interview, preformed on December 3, 2017 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Abbie Shultz interviews her grandmother, Dorothy Perovich (70). Dorothy shares memories of her childhood and what it was like growing when things were very different than today.


So like this is my mom because my grandparents don’t know how to use technology at all

A’Dorian Murray-Thomas and Lakita Lloyd

A'Dorian Murray-Thomas (25) is interviewed by her mentee Lakita Lloyd (18) about the organization that she founded called SHE Wins, and what inspired her to start it. The pair reflect on the impact that the organization has had on young...

Liam and Libbye

Interview with my awesome mother about her life and experiences

Test Interview

Troy Corrington of Egg Harbor Township HS does a test Interview for the 2018 Great Thanksgiving Listen

Life Talk With K Hack

In this interview, orchestrated at Egg Harbor Township High School in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Jaila Cruz talks to and interviews her former World Cultures teacher Kevin Hackney about the wonders and the adventures of life and college.

Kim Gaddy and Amy Goldsmith

Coworkers Kim Gaddy (57) and Amy Goldsmith (63) discuss the environmental justice work they have done at Clean Water Action, in the New Jersey community, and at a national level. They discuss how community has played a central role in...

Life of James Ha

The summary is about what James Ha likes to do the best. And also what his hobbies are.

From East to West, Then to Now

Interviewing my dad about his life growing up and the advice he has for today’s generation and generations to come.

An Interview with My Religious Mum

This was a spur of the moment interview with my very religious mum about her life and a few parts about the life of her family and friends. Filled to the brim with verses and advice for everyday lifd, especially...

Mom’s Thanksgiving Interview

I wanted to understand my mom’s most memorable Thanksgiving. I learned so much about her parents that I did not know. I love that they were kind and respectful to each other no matter what. I think that is a...

Anne Hankins and Katherine Hankins

Katherine Hankins, 36, interviews her grandmother Anne Hankins, 102, about growing up in China, her career as a teacher and her family life.

A Conversation with Mimi

Mimi tells us about her early life, her family, and what has helped her to become who she is today.

Thanksgiving StoryCorps

This interview had two questions; one was asking about her childhood and the other was how she met my dad.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked mainly about my father's childhood and how he came into this country.

An Interview of Arvind Patel by Keith Lehman: Part 1

Arvind Patel narrates his life as an adult, discussing his journey to the United States and how he got started here.

Ilse Casolari

Ilse talked about her trasition from Germany to America and the different jobs she has had.

“Be true to yourself”

In this interview, conducted on November 28, 2019 in Mays Landing, New Jersey, Julia Alberico interveiws her Grandmother Luciana Alberico. She explains the experiences she’s had in life. She talks about how World War II effected her when she was...