Our Trip to New Zealand and Australia in 2016

In this recording, we discuss the highlights of our trip to New Zealand in 2016. On this trip, we also visited Australia but that portion of our trip is not covered in this recording. New Zealand is a beautiful country...

Margaret Ann Keyworth

Interview with mum after stopping cancer treatment. A review of her life and thoughts on how it has gone. Due to Covid19 and Mum's illness, I, the interviewer, am wearing a face mask so the audio is not the greatest.

Kiwis, pandemics, and mismanaged college funds: the interview

A brief conversation with Theo dean, who recently studied abroad in New Zealand

Tim Wheeler and Joseph Ernst

One Small Step conversation partners Tim Wheeler (68) and Joseph "Joey" Ernst (40) explore common experiences growing up in small Midwestern towns and talk about their differing views on environmentalism and climate change.

Friends on other sides of the world

Bryce Woodland (18) and Jake Wilson (19) talk about their friendship and relationship from the start to the current time. They rehash old memories, sad ones, and forgotten ones. Showed everyone how they can still have an unbroken friendship even...


Her life’s story and the way she was raised by a single mom but mainly her grandparents.


Conversation about immigrating to New Zealand from England in 1952.


Conversation about the New Zealand School Dental Nurse Service and Anglican ministry.

Inside the mind of my mother interview

My mom carries so much wisdom inside of her. She has taught me so much such during this interview like it's important to listen to your parents, to live life with no regrets, and that time moves quickly and that...

Mazie Canyon White and George D. Halls

Grandfather George D. Halls (88) and granddaughter Mazie Canyon White (27) discuss George's long and storied life.

Kari Goetz and Crawford Long

Spouses, Kari Goetz (46) and Crawford Long (47), share a conversation about how they first met as teenagers, about being pen-pals, and about meeting again twenty years later and eventually getting married.

Growing up in New Zealand in the 1950’s.

In this interview we discussed events that shaped New Zealand and the US, family, childhood stories, and more.

Thanksgiving listen

My mother and father went on a backpacking trip when they were younger. It was a very impactful experience for them.

Dan Varick and Sarah Rand

Dan (19) is interviewed by his sister Sarah (29) about his four month long adventure in New Zealand. Dan recently graduated from high school, has always wanted to go to New Zealand. So shortly after graduation he takes off, spending...