Thanksgiving interview

A brief discussion about my aunt's experiences in her youth as well as a funny family story.


Karmen talks about her goals in the future and how she is not able to express herself

Bo Bartlett and Betsy Eby

Spouses Bo Bartlett (65) and Betsy Eby (54) sit down for a conversation about how their respective childhood homes have influenced who they are today, the inspiration behind each of their artistic styles, and the role that the Bo Bartlett...

Chuck Yurek – Philadelphia and it’s historical sites
February 5, 2018 App Interview

Chuck talks about his life and about growing up in the Philadelphia area. He tells us his opinion about the importance of this historic city

Louis Furlan and Gavin Wagner

Gavin Wagner (19) talks to his Grandfather, Louis Furlan (81), about childhood, family life, and fond memories.

StroyCrop interview

We talked about her her happiest memories and her most difficult ones. Also discussed her siblings, her children and her regrets

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Rafaela

Rafaela is a long time resident of North East Philadelphia and frequently attends art classes at Mural Arts Philadelphia Tacony. Rafaela speaks about her experiences being born in Philadelphia and partially being raised in South Korea and Philadelphia and then...

Frank Gruber and Alison Jefferson

Frank Gruber (67) talks with his friend and colleague Alison Rose Jefferson [no age given] about his contribution to activism and discussions around Civic Center Plans, the Civic Auditorium and the Belmar Triangle in Santa Monica.

Talking to a baby boomer about her life

She talks about how she grew up to a poor family to being a retired principle. She tells us about her connections to her students. She also talks about the wars that effected her. And now she lives a luxurious...

Abuela Mima

A conversation between a grandmother and granddaughter about memories and individuals we cherish in our lives.

Interviewing The Pennocks

Interviewing both of my grandparent on their heritage and chilldhoods. My grandfather talks about his life after marriage and life growing old. Finishing by giving his philosophy on life.

US History Interview

My peer Abigail Brown talks about her life growing up in an immigrant family and how school and life experiences have impacted her life.

Wilson after the Vietnam War
September 8, 2021 App Interview

Wilson’s account of life and recovery after the war

Interview with Dad

I talked to my dad mostly about his early life.

Annika’s interview with Ebony Wortham about side business.

During this interview, we talked about what Ebony does outside of being a DA. She runs a business that helps people in need of a space to express themselves or who just need help in general because they are in...

Interview with Grandmother – 11/23/18

My Grandmother (Sarah G. Smith) talks about her life and moments throughout that have impacted her. Sarah G. Smith, born April 6, 1935 in Berlin, Maryland. Youngest of five siblings.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Keith Tomaselli

Fishtown Beer Runner and native Philadelphian, Keith Tomaselli inspires us with stories of the inception of the beer runner community that has started in Philadelphia and has grown into a small but important charitable organization across the world. Keith tells...