An interview with a Mother

An interview with my mother. She gives a little bit of advice.


I interviewed my grandma about her experiences of the flood of Vanport. She told me about her life around that time.

Paul Schwer, PAE

An interview with Paul Schwer, the 4th president of PAE, in honor of PAE's 50th anniversary.

Armand Zoulika and Mary Peterson

Armand shares with hospice chaplain Mary the meaning of Ramadan and the challenges of coming together as a community in person during COVID and shares his sorrow at the death of his mother and how he bakes to remember her.

Interview with my dad

We talked about his life, his life lessons, and his favorite things

The Corner of Orchard Street

From piano to orchards to little sales in front of the house, the life of Annette has been nothing short of amazing.

Kay Leppold and Oliver Pelayo

Kay Leppold (58) sat down with friend and fellow nurse, Oliver Pelayo (49) to discuss Kay's nursing career and other adventures.

The Thanksgiving Listen

Interview with my grandmother during Thanksgiving Break following the great listen format and questions.

Classic Rock at Cattle Kate’s

15 year old Ava Koblik interviews her Dad, Paul Koblik about his experience playing and touring with his college band.

Silvia’s childhood

How Silvia was shaped through her tough moments as a child

Christi Lossner & Mary Jo Kolb

Christi Lossner: 2020-05-27 22:52:18 Christi Lossner talks with her mom via computer during the 2019-2020 COVID19 pandemic.

Buy Delta-8 – Where Can I Buy Delta-8?

Many Delta 8 are being offered on the internet. Delta-8 is an American herbal supplement that is sold in pill form. This is one of the most popular and well-known herbal supplements available. It has been known to help people...

Claire James on Losing her Mom and Raising her Sister

Claire lost her mother at a relatively young age to tuberculosis. She was left to care for her younger sister which led to a life long close relationship into adulthood.

What parenting has meant to Kari Gottschling.

Sitting down with Kari Gottschling, we can get a look into her experience as a mother of two. She shares the struggles of being a young mother and balancing her other hopes and dreams, along with explaining some hopes and...

Darrin Donithorne and Naomi Love

Darrin Donithorne (57) tells his conversation partner and new friend Naomi Love (26) about finding joy in striking up conversations with strangers.

Jenny Rask Interview 4 with Father Gene Rask. My dad's Father's education and political views. Family life in Butte.

Jenny Rask: 2020-08-30 20:10:01 Jenny Rask (49) talks with father Gene Rask (88) about his own father's political views and how they developed. His father's personality and education. Advice his father gave him. His father's ambitions and work in Butte,...

Paul "Pat" Eck interviews his wife of 49 years, Sara Janet Eck during pandemic of 2020 and beyond.

Paul Eck: 2020-05-09 22:32:49. Pat Eck (73) interviews wife of 49 years, Jan Eck (70). Jan shared values, cares, dreams, memories and other wonderful things. The interview was conducted at home in Portland, Oregon.

Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family.

Jenny Rask: 2020-11-16 00:25:40 Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family. Starting off talking about the 2020 elections and Biden/Harris winning the election, turning the republican dominated senate democratic. He remember the life...

Dads story and bonding

Me, and my father Paul, talked about various topics such as our past memories and adventures, as well as both of our difficulties and successes in life.

Grandma’s Childhood

In this interview I learn about my grandmother's childhood and how different things were back then.