Miguel Morales and Miguel Morales

Miguel A. Morales (66) and his son Miguel E. Morales [No Age Given] discuss the elder Miguel’s career as a systems engineer at NASA. They also discuss stories of their family genealogy, which features generations of architects and civil engineers,...

My Grandfather

Lots of things ranging from childhood to military life and everything in between, including little things like how he liked to dance and how he got his nickname.

An interview of my Grandmothet to discuss our Latin American family history.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Orlando, Florida, Caroline Biggett interviews her Grandmother, Dolores Biggett about her rich Latin history. Mrs. Biggett shares stories about childhood, parents, accomplishments, education and joys of life.

Chief Kevin Aviles

Chief Aviles talks about his time before his time in the Navy, during, and after the military.

Triángulo de las bermudas

Investigación sobre el extraño fenómeno del Triángulo de las Bermudas y sus desapariciones.

My Tarzan ❤️

This is an interview of my father and we mostly talked about his childhood and our family. We also talked about how I was basically a miracle and his past.

From Cuba to Miami

My grandmother lived a very hard life moving from Cuba to Miami. Especially while taking care of her son in the ghettos of Puerto rico

My Abuela

It was an interview where we didcused my grandfather the aftermath of the hurricane and other stuff

Interview with my dad

In this interview my dad talks about growing up in Puerto Rico and joining the army. He talks about all the places he traveled to and his favorite memory growing up.

America Nieves Morales – Puerto Rico 1

Childhood in Puerto Rico, influential people in America’s life.

Family Wisdom and My Dad’s Love

My name is Linzy Rivera and I interviewed my father Robert Rivera age 50 on December 3, 2019 in Dudley, MA. My dad’s father came from Puerto Rico with the circus when he was 18. My dad’s father also worked...

A life too long to remember

Lydia is a woman who has bewn through a lot but still has a heart full of kindness and a lot of love and laughter to share.

Interview with Carmen

Carmen (my grandmother) talked about the jobs she has had in her life,what her childhood was like,and what were her regrets.

Mia-Jolie Valle and her father, Max Valle, talk about their family’s story through his eyes.

In this interview, conducted in September 2018 in New York, Mia-Jolie Valle interviews her father, Max Valle, about his experiences from his life, and how they have shaped him and his life decisions. Mr. Valle shares stories and accounts of...

Nicholas Alvarez & Edwin Byass

Edwin Byass was born in Puerto Rico but grew up in the Bronx. He cleaned shoes and worked in factories. Later he moved to Medford where he had 5 kids and bought a house. He loved to travel so he...

This is a practice Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am going to interview my father because he’s kinda old and has a very interesting past. He grew up in Puerto Rico only speaking Spanish and then decided to join the army. I hope to find out how that...

Life in Prison was Bad

This interview is private.

Joseph’s mom interview

My mother talked about her life and how it was growing up for her Puerto Rico how she has 3 offsprings migrated to New York City has 1 sister she loves her parents and how she was raised by her...