Mẹ Là Người Truyền Cảm Hứng Cho Con. #mbhsstories

I interviewed my mom about her childhood and what she was like back then up to the time when she had me and how that changed her life.

Shay and Billy Stephens

Billy Stephens (17) talks with his mother, Shay (50), about his life away from home, her life when she was in highschool and college, as well as what it was like as he grew up.: 2022-09-29 19:53:20

About My Mom

I interview my mom Candace Lopez and ask her about her childhood and about me as a child.

My Dad’s Story

My dad's story and outlook on life, from when he met my mom to how the military has effected him.

Questions I have never asked my Grandma

I had an interview/Conversation with my Grandma on Thanksgiving, with the whole extended family in the other room (lots of background noise).

58 years of friendship and counting…

This is the interview of two best friends who met in 1960 and whose friendship remains just as strong today.

Interview with Chris Lavertu

This interview with my stepdad brought up many thoughts about his childhood and his transition through life as a parent. He often times referred to his father, my grandfather, as a important role model in his life and one of...

Interview w/ My Dad, Rizaldy

My dad discusses his life immigrating to the United States in the 70s, his time as a marine and meeting my mother and having me.

“¿Como era tu niñez creciendo en Mexico?” (How was your childhood, growing up in Mexico?)
November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, done in San Diego, California, Jade (16) interviews her mom, Ulvia (43), about her childhood, growing up in Mexico. Ms. Ulvia recalls her childhood and the hardships that she faced. She talks about her life as a...

Geanie Perkins: The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

In this recording I talked to my grandmother about her early childhood and her parents. I also talked to her about her nursing education and career. Then I talked to her about her different relationships, marriages and friendships. Lastly I...

The life on duty?

Kelsey grew up with her brother, mother and father. Her mom later on in her years became a post lady and her father was part of security. Kelsey has always had to work hard in her life to get where...

Interviewing my best friend Chase

Interviewing my best friend about her life experiences and how they’ve influenced her.

A glimpse into Hilary’s story

Hilary Kinney, 63, recently moved to San Diego to pursue what she loves, art and surfing. I get to hear about her childhood and growing up, some interesting stories are shared as well as important life lessons.

Oral Interview of my Mother

My name is Sophia Santiago Clemmer. I am 17 years old. Today is June 6th 2023 and I spoke with Matilde Cano Santiago, currently Mati Marlow, who is my mother. We spoke about her childhood, the Facist regime in Spain,...

Interview with my great-grandfather

Fred Tejada discusses his childhood in the Philippines in the 1940s and the opportunities he had been given from it