Interview About Leadership

We talked about a lot, from becoming a stay at home mom, to marriage, to trusting your gut, and so much more.

Paul and Ryan talk about life and childhood

Paul and Ryan talk about childhood and other factors that influenced them. They also talked about their inspirations and the most important things that happened to them.

"As a human being, you shouldn't let the individual days go by without appreciating them." An interview with Justin Kasper.

Justin Kasper is a Professor of Space Sciences at the University of Michigan, where he designs sensors for spacecraft that explore extreme environments in space. In this interview Dr. Kasper talks about what sparked his interest in space, the rewards...

Bob Alpern – a lifetime of walking

Bob Alpern talks about his lifetime of walking in all the places he’s lived, including Washington, DC, New York City, Annapolis, and now Healdsburg, where he hikes with a group each week, going strong at age 92.

Granddad’s 100th birthday

Interview with John Busma by his granddaughter, Katie Harrold, on his 100th birthday about his life growing up on a farm in Montana, his service in the US Navy, and life in general.

Johanna Interview

The role of a healthcare provider in the greater community and how family values shape a person.

"The way that space physics, and space instrumentation, and things like that works is very old school." An Interview with Joseph Westlake.

Joseph Westlake is a research scientist at the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, and is an expert in plasma and mass spectrometry experimentation. Listen to Dr. Westlake talk about his start in science, the importance of mentorship, and what inspires...

The Struggle of Immigration from Korea to the United States

My grandmother talks about the struggle of immigration and the cultural differences between Korea and the United States

My conversation with my father

We talked about many different things in my dads life like life decisions and his proudest moments.

Go Aggies!!

We discussed my mom's life during her undergraduate and graduate schooling.

Willa Andrade and Theo Ruefli

Willa Andrade (16) and Theo Ruefli (16) interview each other about their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. They both attended Lowell High School in San Francisco, which recently opened after over a year of being closed due to the pandemic.

My Mother’s Experience When Coming to America

We talk about how harsh the transition to America was and the intense culture shock my mother experienced, along with her good experiences as well.

Carla Paoli interviewed by Sarah Konrad

Carla describes her childhood being the child of Italian immigrants and growing up in the Bay Area