Corine Kulm interview

This interview states some basic questions about Corine Kulm's life.

Li Fjersted and Rowena Richardson

Li Fjersted talks with her friend, Rowena Richardson about various interesting times in her life.

Steve Desroches and Stephanie Michel

Steve Desroches (47) talks to Stephanie Michel (54) about being one half of the comedy drag queen duo Madge and Bisket as they make their live performance debut in Provincetown, Massachusetts as well as life as social media stars and...

Arlen Diamond and Tammy Wiley

Arlen Diamond (78) talks with his former colleague, mentee, and friend Tammy Wiley (54) about their experiences working in public radio and how their personal and family lives have influenced their people-centric leadership styles.

Marianne Fridell and Matt Fridell

Marianne Fridell (70) talks with her oldest son, Matt Fridell (48) about her childhood in Cuba during the revolution.

Glenn Matteson Interview

I was in visiting my grandparents in Las Vegas for the weekend and just went over things my grandfather did in his life and just described those events .

George Nelson Wolf and Tanya Olson

Wolf (89) talks with his close friend, Tanya Olson (52) about his life and the many places he has lived.

Thanksgiving interview assignment- Grandpa

My grandpa talked about his life: which includes his immediate family, wife, children, and grandchildren.

Interview on melissa broneske

Talked about life and what she had learned throughout and what she has had to go through.

Lifelong reflections of my mother

From the depression through WWII, the 60’s and the 21 st century, Mom talks about her life. She ends sharing wisdom for her great grandchildren.