My Favorite Aunt

This interview is private.

The Next Generation of Dancers, VMO, and History Behind the Movement: A Discussion with Danyel Moulton

Dancer. Director. Educator. Danyel Moulton is a staple in the dance community as her wisdom and her power is second to none. Danyel is the founder of LFG, an All Female collective that is most notable for representing Team USA...

Childhood Experiences

My mother came from a loving home however her parents were somewhat overbearing and over proctective. However, this kept her safe and she was able to create a loving home for me and a successful business. In my opinion, she...

Scott Acord and Randy Crane

Randy Crane (46) talks with Scott Acord (59) about his journey from being a minister to working in a Christian finance company before he found the job that most suits him at Providence.

Julia and Mimi

Me and my grandma (Mimi) talk about her life and her happiest memories

Recording – 10-15-2023 18:14:19

my sister is 24 about to be 25 and basically I ask her experience of life at a young age and until where she’s at right now and what helped her throughout these years to find her career.

Roland Morales and Dennie Morales with Brooke Morales

Roland Morales (80) and Dennie Morales (74), parents to Jason Rolando Morales, talk about their experiences being parents and their hopes for his future.

Makenna Givens and Sharon Totaro

Makenna Givens (18) talks with her grandma, Sharon Totaro (82) about her life. Specifically, raising kids on her own, losses of loved ones, and her mental health struggles.

Melody Lin and Charles Loring Woodman

Melody Lin (65) interviewed by her husband (Charles) Loring Woodman (75) about her childhood in Taiwan, marrying an American man and moving to Southern California, having a child with him, their divorce, her being a single mother, meeting and marrying...

Caroline Daughtry and Bella Dalessio-Skare

Caroline Daughtry (23) shares a conversation with her friend Bella Dalessio-Skare (19) about Bella’s experience moving from California to North Carolina, their feelings about living in Wilmington, their interest in fashion, and their experiences in college.

Adventures of Antima Lopez Bega

Antima Lopez Bega was born and raised in Southern California and her family were migrant workers who picked different kinds of crops throughout California. She met her husband while doing so—they were married 68 years when he passed away in...

Donna West and Ryan Shinn

One Small Step partners Donna West (68) and Ryan Shinn (44) go down memory lane reflecting on the their experiences with their faith, community, and work that shaped them today.

Robert Small and Stephanie Fudurich

One Small Step partners Robert Small (64) and Stephanie Fudurich [no age given] reflect on how their careers, upbringings, and lived experiences have shaped their political identities and priorities.

Ethnic Lit Final Podcast

I am talking with my classmate, we are both 17, our senior year, and discussing our personal essays. My story was about gaping up mixed and the personal experiences I’ve had to deal with because of it.

Humanities Interview

This interview between Logan Szott and his mother Heather Szott covers Heather's personal history growing up in L.A. and beyond, connecting to multiple historical events, cultural trends, and personal experiences. The interview contains segments of Heather's early life with her...

Francis Riley, Alicia Riley, and Margaret Baker

Francis Riley (71) talks to his daughter Alicia Riley (29) and wife Margaret Riley (67) about his childhood, his time as a priest, and about dealing with the death of his son Daniel.

Bryson White and Taylor Dalton

Friends and colleagues Bryson White (40) and Taylor Dalton (37) discuss how their racial identity has influenced their understanding of their Christian faith throughout their lives.

John Ellis and Kara Silva

One Small Step partners John Ellis (43) and Kara Silva (51) discuss their shared love of the mind-expanding view travel provides. They reflect upon their difference religious views but shared sense of the importance of family and connection with other...