Claudia’s Journey To America

Today I interviewed Claudia from Spain. She talked about her journey coming to America and why she wanted to come to the U.S.

Interview with Grandma

We basically talked about what her life was like growing up and what her favorite memories were growing up. We also talked about some important life lessons.

Life as a Sailor

This interview takes a look into the life of a sailor. Petty Officer 3rd class Lyons describes what motivated him to join the navy. He talks about what it was like while he was in the navy and the adventures...

Experiences that shape who we are

Amy Russell sharing experiences of growing up in a small town, life for her in high school, and memories of being an exchange student in Spain.

Interviewing Dad

My dad and I were talking about his childhood and his story of immigrating from Italy to the US.

Marielle Verano and Aimee Fritsch

Marielle Verano (23) talks to her roommate and friend, Aimee Fritsch (22) about growing up as a filipino catholic in the bay area, attending World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and how doing service work in St. Paul...

Tales of a 50 year marriage

From September 1968 to September 2018, stories of courtship, love, travel and advice. Neil and Kathleen Pope Hughes, long-time Washingtonians married for 50 years.

Antonia Sanville, Jason Obin, Linda Obin, and Courtnie Obin

Antonia (86) speaks with family members, Linda (58), Courtnie (25) and Jason (28)about her life experiences, marriage, and raising her children.

Carla Saavedra and Alice Hill

Carla Saavedra (56) talks with her mother, Alice Hill (85), who was born in Tampa in 1936 at an immigrant Spanish hospital. They talk of family members working in the cigar factory, migrating from Spain and her great aunt being...

Rachel benners trip to Europe and Morocco

Ms. Rachel benner went to Europe and Morocco as a trip for school. She really enjoyed the trip except when they looked at all the churches. If she had the chance to visit any place she had visited she said...

Mouna Abdelhamid and Jumana Ibrahim

Mouna Abdelhamid (55) speaks with her daughter Jumana Ibrahim (20) about her childhood, their family, and the Palestinian diaspora.

Arly and Lee Kempf’s life in Spain 1960 to 1964.

Lee and Arly Kempf talk about their time in living in Spain during the early 1960’s. Lee taught and coached children of American military families. Arly substitute taught and raised children.

Living His Best Life. Do what makes you happy and have fun in life.

Cindy Smith: 2021-09-16 01:03:27 54 years old interviewing her partner, Christopher Broughton, 53 years old 3 months after a life changing accident they were involved in. Christopher survived a near death experience and shares what he's learned from life, the...

Martha Steger and Margaret Harley

One Small Step partners Martha Steger (79) and Margaret "Meg" Harley (52) have a conversation about leaving the farm, Trump traffic, and the troubles with talking politics in church.

A Father, His Daughter, and His Response as to Why He Chose the Navy.

This interview occurred on January 9th, 2020, in Flint, Michigan. Ja Karra Nelson (16, Sophomore in high school) will be interviewing her father Greg Nelson (63, single parent) about several different topics. In the beginning they discussed how life was...


this is my interview with theresa. my spanish friend.

Pablo Diaz-Esquivel and Elizabeth Diaz-Esquivel

Elizabeth Diaz-Esquivel (26) interviews her father Pablo Diaz-Esquivel (68) about his youth growing up in pre-Castro Cuba, his involvement as a 15 year old in the rebel movement helping prepare for the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, escaping Havana...

Toni Gonzales and Robert Gonzales

Toni Gonzales (89) talks with her son, Robert Gonzales, Jr. (58), about her memories of growing up, her loving and strong relationship with her husband who passed away a year ago, and what she remembers about what Robert was like...