Me asusté mucho ( I was so scared)

This interview was talking about how it was back in his day where everything was different. With that also what he did back then and what he wanted us to know what happen to him and he what he wanted...

family, past, and future.

family history, moving around a lot, camping with no food, olympic grandfathers, infatuation with cars, respectful legacy.

Susan “Susu” Cameron

Susu and I talk about growing up in Salt Lake and the differences between our generations

dad <3

dad and i talk about his life and experiences on his bad after my lacrosse game

Obaid Barakzai and Blair Johnson

One Small Step conversation partners Obaid Barakzai (22) and Blair Johnson (18) have a discussion about the importance of interfaith conversation.

Life of balance

Today, we talked a little about Sara Cochella and who she is.

Interviewing my Nana

My Nana talks about what has impacted her life and moments in her life.

Interview with my Dad

George told many life stories about times and people I didn’t know existed. Reflecting back on events and people in his life.

Interviewing my mom

Talked about my moms childhood, memories, experiences, and life lessons.

Tim Faircloth and Rich Etchberger

Tim Faircloth (63) talks to his friend Rich Etchberger (57) about working at the Bureau of Land Management in Utah, the development of the wetlands, and the introduction of an internship program at the wetlands in conjunction with Utah State...

Interview with Terra Luft

Talked about Terra’s life and working with the League of Utah Writers.

"My children and my religion: my posterity. Those are the two most important things to me."

A grandchild's interview with her grandmother, Danielle Hyatt, born in 1958, in Provo, Utah. She talks about growing up and moving everywhere from Indiana to England. She grew up in a very religious family (Mormon), with five siblings, three of...

Twila Davis Bird and Raquelle Bird Johnson

Raquelle Bird Johnson (52) interviews her mother, Twila Davis Bird (75), about her life, experiences, contribution to church, fellowship, and memories of her late husband, Richard E. Bird. They also talk about hereditary paraganglioma-pheochromocytoma.

Niels and Char meeting at BYU

Niels emigrated from Denmark with Mother and younger sister, studied at BYU, and met his wife Char before going on a mission back to Denmark.