My Dad

Just some memories from the old times and new.

Nonfiction Great Thanksgiving Listen/ Avalanche in the Rockys

Jonas Hedberg speaks upon a very scary experience in Utah where he and 3 other friends avoided what could have been a very difficult situation

Humans of Granger

We talked about his childhood and what he’s gone through in life.

My fathers story

This is my dads life and what he was like as a child. Also what his life is like now and some memories of me.

Kalolaine Palei and Louisa Tali

Kalolaine Palei (30) and her friend Louisa Tali (26) talk about losing their fathers and how those losses have changed them. They also talk about their careers in healthcare fields and the importance of prioritizing taking care of themselves mentally...

So Many Happy Moments

In this interview I (17) interview my mother, Nellie Walker (45) about her life from childhood up to now. She and I discuss her experiences as a parent, our roots as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...

Interviewing my Father

I ask my father about his life and his interests

“Being a Stepmom, Whatever that Looks Like.”

Kaden talks to his stepmom about her life and what it was like being a stepmom in a relationship with kids already there. He learns a lot about what she did growing up and what it's like living with arthritis...

Shon Hopkin and Jan Saeed

One Small Step conversation partners Shon Hopkin (47) and Jan Saeed (61) have a conversation about their work with the Courageous Pluralism Project and the need for interfaith dialog.

Colleen Mahoney and Nancy Mahoney

Colleen Mahoney (89) is interviewed by her daughter, Nancy Mahoney [no age given], about her parents, attending college during the 1940s and '50s, and her journey from a Republican ideology to a Liberal one.