Interview with Terra Luft

Talked about Terra’s life and working with the League of Utah Writers.

Stepping Stones

We talked about the influence of science and the experience of being an older brother.

Susan “Susu” Cameron

Susu and I talk about growing up in Salt Lake and the differences between our generations

Follow my dream pt. 2

For this interview I asked my mom some personal questions about her interests and life in general. I found out a ton of things I didn’t know about her. Such as places she’s been and things she’s done as a...

Angela tells her life story, from having an above average intelligence to a devastating brain injury.

Angela was born with an above average intelligence, reading her first novel by age five, beginning college at eight, and receiving her doctorate by 18. After a 25-year career in the military, she experienced various explosions, one of which, in...

Elaina D’Agostini Interviews her grandfather, Edwin Twitchell on April 29, 2020

Elaina D'Agostini: 2020-04-30 01:12:44. Elaina and Edwin talk about his childhood, his parents, and his grandparents.

Life of balance

Today, we talked a little about Sara Cochella and who she is.

The World's Out There, Which Ever Part Of It You Want To Be In.

Elaine Turner Lamb talks with her colleague, Cristi Hebert about creating her own sense of home, especially in light of her life traveling, and recreating a home again and again, and especially the importance of story.

My Nana

I interviewed my endeared grandmother who I call my Nana. She has lived a full and wonderful life. She is an example of a hard working woman and a loving friend and mother figure to all. I’m blessed to be...

Jann Rowe and John Rowe

Jann Rowe (55) interviews her husband John Rowe (73). Finding out what he was like as a kid, who the most influential person was, and his family trip to Disneyland in 1957.

Interviewing my Nana

My Nana talks about what has impacted her life and moments in her life.

Living in the little yellow house.

Bill & Jan Varga reminisce about the four years they spent living in a tiny yellow house at the beginning of their marriage with three little kids.

"My children and my religion: my posterity. Those are the two most important things to me."

A grandchild's interview with her grandmother, Danielle Hyatt, born in 1958, in Provo, Utah. She talks about growing up and moving everywhere from Indiana to England. She grew up in a very religious family (Mormon), with five siblings, three of...

Obaid Barakzai and Blair Johnson

One Small Step conversation partners Obaid Barakzai (22) and Blair Johnson (18) have a discussion about the importance of interfaith conversation.

Nele Kaufusi and 'Ainu Kaufusi

I am interviewing 'Ainu Kaufusi (19) who is a student at the University of Utah and her experiences as a college student during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My step grandmother (Katie Wilhelm, I call her Teeta haha) and I talked about her family and travels throughout her life so far, including her Dad who served in World War 2.

The Oldest Child

We talked about Jim’s childhood, grandparents, where he grew up, and hobbies. We also talked about why he moved to Utah and married my mom. Another topic was who influenced his life with work and sports.