One on One: Father and Son

Brief overview of my fathers life and then a couple general questions to share knowledge and advice. Talking about the experience as a College and professional athlete.

StoryCorps App Review by 1st Time User (…with tangents!)

Self-interview recording my first use impressions of the StoryCorps app after just installing it (Re: facebook convo between John Neidigh and Cedric Baker. [Cedric Baker] I am a direct descendant of slaves from George Washington’s plantation at Mt Vernon. [John...

Phoebe Stapleton and Russ Sukhia- interview about success

Phoebe Stapleton (me) interviews her grandfather who was a pastor for years about his perspective on success and how our culture views it.

Story Corps Interview – Ellie Smith (D Bell)/Bebee

Bebee talked to me about her Grandmother (Granny Ella). I was named after Granny Ella and I got to learn about who I come from.

My Dad’s Memories From Germany

As a part of this interview, I asked my dad about memories that he has from Germany and what some of the differences between the two places that he remember.

Peer interview/Sophia

Sophia discusses the most impactful person in her life with me and much more.

Interview with R&B Singer, RMZY

I interviewed my roommate, who is also an R&B singer. We talked about inspiration and music.

Anne’s Story

Anne, my family friend, talks about growing up in her life.

“As a child I was very curious”
November 8, 2017 App Interview

Dez talks about her childhood and the people who have been a big part of it

My mom

I chose to ask my mom a few questions to get to know her childhood a little more

Interview with DJ Bradley Adjei

In this audio interview, we discuss with Bradley Adjei, photographer and DJ, his take on music and it’s changed throughout history.

Interview of my Mom

I just wanted to know a little bit about my mother’s life when she was a child and before I was born. Had questions from her childhood to school and her life as a young adult.

Tianna and Jazmyne

We talked a lot about personalities and Tianna’s past

MASS COMM New media age interview

An overview of how technology has changed and influenced current media over the years

How communication evolved over my lifetime – a MASC 101 project

Professor Rader describes her relationship with forms of communication and media over the years.