Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

Tenth grader Rachael Daniel shares some of the struggles in her life, how she has overcome them and allowed them to make her a stronger, better person.

Oral Comm. Homework

My disciplined work habits helped me to leave work earlier.

How service in the National Guard led to a life of service in the field of public education.

Dr. Frank Mitchell, National Guard Veteran and Superintendent of Vilonia Public Schools for 27 years shares his experiences and service in the United States National Guard.

Vilonia High School: Interview

This is a interview about what it takes to be a firefighter and what my grandpa does for a living.

My mama and me<3

My mom and I talked about her childhood and what she wants for me as an adult, I really appreciated doing this interview with her. We have the opposite schedules so this was very much needed

How a asset helped me through a challenge

I summarize my challenges working at mcdonalds and how grit helps me

My Assets

This is a story of how I’ve used my personal assets to overcome passing a very difficult and tedious exam.

"But our guns were bigger….."

Ms. Felicia Foy, Army veteran shares her experiences and life of service in the United States military.

Interview – Makayla Briggs

This interview includes me asking my brother about his experiences with having aspergers syndrome.

Veteran Interview

Vilonia High School Students Interview Veterans from Vilonia, AR

Monroe Massey

Interview with Monroe Massey about his time serving in the military.

The story of a great woman

I ask my mom questions about what has led her to where she is today

Fighting for Freedom…Finding Faith

Bruce Hendrix, United States military veteran recounts his time of service to our country and how he found his faith